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Spending time with my grandkids hasn’t left much time for thinking serious thoughts about caregiving and life in general. Here’s where my thoughts have been centered this week.

You might be a grandma if:

You think sitting on the front steps with your granddaughter on your lap letting her drip bubble water all over you and pop bubbles all over your glasses is the perfect way to spend an autumn afternoon.

You can find the grandkids hidden in the pillowcases on their parents’ bed every night and be surprised every time.

You can see the beauty in that sweet face even while changing poopy underpants.

You understand the importance of stuffing the hungry caterpillar into the backpack before leaving for daycare and of taking a Gladware container with holes punched in the top to school in case you find a bug on the playground for show and tell.

You say “10 more minutes” at the park and then stay for 30.

You are impressed with the ability to stack paper cups in a pyramid and dismantle them in a couple of smooth moves.

You understand the necessity of a piece of candy or two in church.

You understand the difference between being naughty and having an “I miss Mommy and Daddy” emotional overflow.

You know that accidents happen.

You know that two more bites is enough for ice cream.

You’re not offended when he raves about the tortilla you smeared with canned refried beans and cheese and rejects the sautéed chicken and rice.

You don’t feel like you’ve missed a thing when you have to go upstairs 6 times to adjust the “rain music” and the night light during the latest episode of NCIS.

You think bubble bath beards and shampoo coiffures are photo ops.

You think that children’s laughter is one of the sweetest sounds on earth.

Comments on: "You Might Be a Grandma If…" (7)

  1. I’m not a Grandma, but I know that candy in church really helps the service move along.

    • Agreed. In my mother-in-law’s church, they have a “candy man” who goes around passing out starlight mints before the service starts. Thanks for stopping by, reading and commenting. Come back any time!

  2. sounds about right to me.

  3. I think I’m probably NOT a grandma. Or cut out of the right stuff to be a grandpa. But I will stick a couple of your grandma tricks in my back pocket for the occasional opportunities when the universe sees fit to “allow” me to “enjoy” a few hours of babysitting/supervising children to remind me about a couple of things.

    1. to be grateful and give thanks that I am always able to hand them back to mom and dad when my “assignment” is completed.

    2. if all of us grown-ups lived our lives with the same wonder, innocence, and honesty as most children do — we would all be much less cranky, stressed, and conflicted.

    Unfortunately, instead of adults valuing and embracing a more child-like lightness about life and living, it seems more and more children are already acting more like adults. You know…the two-and-a-half year-old that’s cranky, stressed, and conflicted (not constipated) — trying to take care of mommy and daddy ’cause they’re fighting all the time. Anyway…

    I’m out of my comfort zone on this subject, and certainly out of the realm of my expertise — but as always, my fingers (serving for my mouth) always have an opinion and will leap at the opportunity to express it. But I better cease and desist before I ruffle some doting, protective grandma’s feathers and lose my lips (or finger tips)! 😉


    • Tim, your comments are always welcome!

      Regarding your #1 item, the favorite saying in our Sunday School class in Florida about grandchildren visits was “Love to see the headlights and love to see the taillights.”

  4. I love being a nana as much as you, we have four grandkids including two year old twins that spend the night quite often,,,,,church is always fun when they all want to sit by you at once and you have three hot flashes coming on at the same time.God’s blessings to you

    • You’re a very lucky Nana to have your grandkids so close. Mine are almost 800 miles away, so I don’t get to see them very often.

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Come again any time.



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