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I’m Open to Suggestions | by Linda Brendle

My post yesterday about “Top Ten Ways to Know If You’re a Caregiver” met with several reactions, but two stood out from the rest. First, a number of people commented on the truth of my list. I can attest to that, because every item was based on scenarios I experienced during my stint as a caregiver. Second, several readers indicated I didn’t include nearly enough items, so I thought I’d open the floor to suggestions. If you are or have been a caregiver and would like to submit an idea for a future Top 10 or 20 or 30 List, leave it in a comment.

Thanks for reading LifeAfterCaregiving. I look forward to your input.



Top Ten Ways to Know If You’re a Caregiver | by Linda Brendle

You’re a caregiver if…

10. You can answer the same question truthfully seventeen times in thirty minutes and never give the same answer twice.

9. You know the logical place to look for lost items is between the mattress and box springs.

8. You can open the trunk, pull out the walker and get it open, and get back around to the car door before your dad gets his seatbelt undone. (more…)

Writing – How Did I Do That? | Linda Brendle

Writing – How Did I Do That? | Linda Brendle

One of my recent blog posts scared me. Not the post itself, but the response. The post was about a day David and I spent on the motorcycle and the healing it brought me. I got some nice responses including the following two: (more…)

Who Knew There Were So Many Smelly People | by Linda Brendle

I’ve been doing some pretty serious stuff lately. My post of March 11 was about getting ready to say good-bye to my mom. The one on March 17  was a little more light-hearted, but it dealt with the same subject. Since then I’ve been working on media connections trying to broaden my readership base. It’s not my favorite part of being an author, but it makes my agent Terrie  happy. Another thing that would make my agent happy would be for me to complete the biography form she sent me a couple of days ago. The basic contact, education, and work history stuff was pretty easy, but when I got down to the questions like what sets your book apart from others of its genre or what are the strongest selling points of your book, it got to be a lot like work. By the time I got around to thinking about another post, my brain was pretty well frazzled, so I played Mahjongg Solitaire instead. Then I checked my stats one more time and noticed something totally weird, so I thought I’d share a little absurdity with you. (more…)

The Healing Power of Spring, Harleys, and Riding Mowers | by Linda Brendle

I haven’t posted since Monday. It’s unusual for me to go that long between posts, but that last one wore me out. Those of us who have loved ones who are in the end stages of any disease are grieving a loss that’s not over yet, so there is no closure. Sometimes it’s hard to think or talk or write about anything else, and sometimes it becomes a real downer for you and everyone around you, regardless of how loving, understanding, and supportive they are. So you try not to think or talk or write. But the human spirit is resilient and continues to seek healing wherever it’s available. I found a bit of healing yesterday as David and I took a ride on the Harley and went shopping for a riding lawn mower. (more…)

Ready or Not | by Linda Brendle

Hide and Seek is a favorite game of children. One child is designated as “It,” and while the other children run and hide, “It” stays at “base,” hides his eyes, and counts. When he reaches 30 or 50 or 100, he yells, “Ready or not, here I come.” Those few words evoke lots of emotions in the other children. If they’ve not yet found a suitable hiding place, they feel panic as they realize they’re completely exposed and in danger of being caught. If they have hidden daringly close to base, they feel a thrill of fear and excitement as they anticipate that mad dash to safety, trying to avoid being tagged. And if they found the PERFECT hiding place, they may be overcome with giggles as they realize that “It” has no chance of finding them. I don’t play Hide and Seek much anymore except with my grandchildren, but through the years I’ve encountered many situations that yell “Ready or not, here I come.” (more…)

Senior Humor – Edition 2 | by Linda Brendle

It’s been a rough week or two, with Mom back in the hospital and David wrestling with the bureaucracy, so I thought it was time for another joke or two. (more…)

The Bureaucratic Saga – Part Three | by Linda Brendle

I now have a Texas driver’s license. Not so for David. If you’ve not been following the licensing fiasco, read my posts from February 22 and February 29. Let’s just say that he’s spent the last two weeks trying to work his way through the red tape with the goal of securing his Texas license. (more…)

Toys A La Mom | by Linda Brendle

Last night I was reading the latest post on We’re That Family, one of the blogs I follow. The writer Kristen is, among other things, super crafty and can create a family art project out of almost nothing. Her latest creation was a collage made out of words torn out of magazines and scraps of fabric cut into a tree trunk and leaves. It was a pretty impressive example of making something out of nothing, and it reminded me of some of the things Mom used to come up with to keep me entertained. (more…)

The Phone Calls I Hate | by Linda Brendle

I wrote a post a while back about phone calls  and what they can mean to a caregiver or anyone whose loved one is aging or in ill health. The subject phone call turned out to be a false alarm. Instead of blood, Mom was throwing up marinara sauce. I’ve had a couple of phone calls this week that weren’t THE phone call, but they weren’t false alarms either. All week words like we may be out of options and this is sometimes the beginning of the final episode have been haunting me. (more…)

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