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I’ve been doing some pretty serious stuff lately. My post of March 11 was about getting ready to say good-bye to my mom. The one on March 17  was a little more light-hearted, but it dealt with the same subject. Since then I’ve been working on media connections trying to broaden my readership base. It’s not my favorite part of being an author, but it makes my agent Terrie  happy. Another thing that would make my agent happy would be for me to complete the biography form she sent me a couple of days ago. The basic contact, education, and work history stuff was pretty easy, but when I got down to the questions like what sets your book apart from others of its genre or what are the strongest selling points of your book, it got to be a lot like work. By the time I got around to thinking about another post, my brain was pretty well frazzled, so I played Mahjongg Solitaire instead. Then I checked my stats one more time and noticed something totally weird, so I thought I’d share a little absurdity with you.

One of the questionable joys of being a caregiver of the elderly is the odor problem. There’s no way to put it delicately. The fact is that sometimes older people don’t smell very good. It’s something we talked about frequently in my caregiver support group, and it’s a subject I thought needed a little attention. On September 15, I wrote a post called “Why Do Old People Smell Bad?” It got 66 hits which is about average for me, but then something odd started happening. The subject started showing up on my search stats, the section that tells me what subjects are leading readers to my blog. It showed up so often, that when I did my “10,000 Views Celebration” post on February 23, it was my most searched post with 94 searches.

Since then it has continued to get more and more searches until yesterday it got 7 in one day. That’s when I decided a little more research was in order. In the 27 days since my stats review, my smelly post has received another 92 searches bringing its total to 186, over 30% of the 587 overall searches. In the last 30 days, it is my 3rd most read post.

I wondered how all those people were finding me, so I checked out a few search engines. A Google search of the subject showed my blog is the 5th item on the list. It didn’t show up on any of the others I tried, so who knows how many people are searching the subject on those engines. It’s obviously an ongoing problem that will only increase as all us Baby Boomers continue to age. Maybe someone will have a telethon one day to raise money to research the problem of how to deodorize the older generation, but in the meantime, if you’d like to read my thoughts on the issue, you don’t have to search. Here’s the link: Why Do Old People Smell Bad? 



Comments on: "Who Knew There Were So Many Smelly People | by Linda Brendle" (2)

  1. Dig the photos. Makes me think of “Elanor Rigby,” Ahhhh, look at all the smelly people…

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