On caregivers, faith, family, and writing…

You’re a caregiver if…

10. You can answer the same question truthfully seventeen times in thirty minutes and never give the same answer twice.

9. You know the logical place to look for lost items is between the mattress and box springs.

8. You can open the trunk, pull out the walker and get it open, and get back around to the car door before your dad gets his seatbelt undone.

7. You’ve resorted to hiding the car keys.

6. You plan your errands around doctor’s visits.

5. You’ve helped your mom secure a urine specimen.

4. Your trips to Walmart always include a visit to the pharmacy and the incontinence aisle.

3. You arrange to sit next to your mom at dinner so you can cut up her food, and other adults cover their plates protectively when you sit next to them.

2. You’ve crawled under the door of a bathroom stall because your mom couldn’t figure out how to unlock the door.

1. After a day when the only good thing about it is that it’s over, a sweet childlike smile, a hug, and the sleepy words, “Good night. I love you,” make it all worth it.




Comments on: "Top Ten Ways to Know If You’re a Caregiver | by Linda Brendle" (11)

  1. And that’s the truth!! Thanksfully, I’ve never had to crawl under the bathroom stall door, though, but once I thought I was going to have to do it. Jim had to break into the bathroom one time here at the house.

  2. Truth! And also thanks for the humorous aspect. SO important to be able to keep that perspective!

  3. Sounds eerily similar to life as a dad of two.

  4. Anita Hale said:

    Well – I could add about 500 more items to your list of 10, but they were an excellent beginning on knowing if you are a caregiver. And…. YES – being able to laugh instead of cry is healthy.

  5. Sue Allen Brown said:

    Pastor Reno would love it! Good mix of humor and pathos… And way too much truth :-).

  6. […] post yesterday about “Top Ten Ways to Know If You’re a Caregiver” met with several reactions, but two stood out from the rest. First, a number of people commented […]

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