On caregivers, faith, family, and writing…

It’s really 14 reasons, but I couldn’t find a picture that said “14,” and I’m not tech savvy enough to make one on my own. The point is, a few days ago I posted a top ten list of ways to know if you’re a caregiver. Several readers seemed to think my list wasn’t inclusive enough, so I opened the floor for suggestions. The response was underwhelming, but that didn’t deter me from developing another list. Here it is, and thanks to the two readers who added their two cents’ worth.

You might be a caregiver 

You use plastic dishes, and you NEVER eat in the dining room with its light colored carpet and white chairs.

You always feel guilty about something.

You’ve done an Internet search on why old people smell bad.

You have several doctors and several insurance companies on speed dial.

You’ve seriously considered running away from home.

You know more than you want to about powers of attorney, physicians’ directives, and living wills.

You’ve misplaced your loved one at church or the mall or the movie theater.

You’ve wondered if you could talk your loved one into using a sippy cup.

You’ve wondered why it was so hot in the house and discovered the thermostat was set on 90 degrees.

Your Mom has adopted the Madonna look and sometimes wears her underwear on the outside.

A trip to the grocery store alone is a mini-vacation, and a night away is a major one.

Your remote controls look like this.

Suggested by Kazumi: “As a caregiver I’m watching what my care receiver eats so close and giving her the good food while I am eating what I should not be eating.” This is so true. When Mom and Dad lived with me, their health improved considerably because of their improved diets, but I gained weight from stress eating.

Suggested by Jim: “Writing about it is therapeutic.” Amen Brother!




Comments on: "More Reasons You Might Be a Caregiver | by Linda Brendle" (2)

  1. Donna Wheeler said:

    Linda, these lists are an encouragement! I am only VERY SLIGHTLY involved in my parent’s care since I live 2000 miles away, and only visit once a year or so. But when I am there, I can relate. It also reminds me to encourage my sister who lives on the family farm. It helps me understand all that she is/will be going through. Thanks for your
    encouragement to others. It helps people know that they are not alone!

    • Donna, thanks for your comment. Sometimes I feel like the lighter pieces have less value than the heavier ones. It’s nice to know that they provide more than just amusement. I tell caregivers it’s okay to laugh at our situations. I guess I need to hear that,too. 🙂

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