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I Miss My Mom | by Linda Brendle

I miss Mom. I’ve missed her for a long time. For most of my life, I talked to her almost every day, but after Alzheimer’s invaded her mind, those talks gradually lost their meaning.

Mom was smart, but she was never an intellectual. She didn’t care much about politics or philosophy or current events. She cared about her family and the things that affected our lives directly. (more…)

Remembrance and Hope | by Linda Brendle

Memorial Day is a day of hope and remembrance, of remembering those who gave their lives in the service of their country. Why is remembrance important, and what is our hope? (more…)

Senior Humor – Edition 5 | by Linda Brendle

A holiday weekend seems like a good time for another look at the lighter side of getting old.

Paddy and Mick, two retired gentlemen, chartered a small plane to fly them into the Canadian Rockies for a week of moose hunting. They had a great week and bagged 6 of the large animals. When the pilot came back to pick them up, he objected. (more…)

The Cycle of Life | by Linda Brendle

We laid Mom to rest yesterday. We celebrated her life with a simple but heartfelt memorial service attended by a few relatives and close friends. It was the feminine version of the service we held for Dad 53 weeks ago. (more…)

City Girl Becomes a Country Girl | by Linda Brendle

It’s been an emotional week that started Sunday night with the long awaited phone call telling me that Mom had died peacefully in her sleep. Since then I have helped make plans, contacted friends and relatives, and responded to an overwhelming outpouring of love and support. I’ve posted a couple of tributes, and I’m sure there will be more as I work through my feelings about her life and her death, but this morning I thought I’d share something a little lighter. (more…)

Helen Hagan Robinson 1921 – 2012


Helen Hagan Robinson, 90, went home to be with the Lord Sunday, May 20, 2012. She died peacefully in her sleep in her home at Southridge Village in Conway, Arkansas. 

 She was born September 3, 1921 in Burkburnett, Texas. On December 21, 1940, she married Elmer Robinson, her childhood sweetheart, in a double wedding ceremony with her sister, Fay, and Elmer’s brother, Dean. 


Now Mom Remembers | by Linda Brendle

Helen Hagan Robinson 1921 – 2012

My sweet mother died last night in her sleep. I will love her and miss her every day for the rest of my life, but now she remembers. Save me a place at the table, Mom.

Read an old post called “Remembering.”

I love you, Mom.

Mother-In-Law Penance | by Linda Brendle

The Piatts – Easter, 2011

I forgot my daughter-in-law’s birthday. Bad mother-in-law! And what makes it doubly unforgiveable is that she was an answer to prayer. (more…)

Watermelons Between the Cracks | by Linda Brendle

Christian and his family left Colorado a couple of weeks ago on their way to their new home. They’re due in Portland on June 1, so they’re taking their time. Their first stop was at Amy’s mom and stepdad’s home in New Mexico. After a short visit, Christian and Amy left the kids with Grandma and Grandpa and hit the road. First they met friends in Las Vegas for a few days, and then they met more in San Francisco. I’ve kept up with their progress through Christian’s blog along with the rest of his readers, but even that has been sporadic as he and Amy use the time to kick back, relax, and get ready for the busy new life that’s waiting for them. (more…)

What Do I Fear Now – OOPS! | by Linda Brendle

Earlier this week, I wrote about a time when my greatest fear was losing the use of my eyes or my hands.  I recounted how I came to terms with that fear, but lately I’ve become aware of a new fear that is lurking around the edges of my consciousness. (more…)

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