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I published the following post on my Facebook status sometime around the first of the year: “I am officially old now. I got my Medicare card in the mail today.”  I got lots of responses, basically divided into three categories.

The first group is people younger than me who have a decade or two to go:

A comment from a fellow author repped by AKA Literary pretty effective shattered my illusions of being a contemporary.

I remember my parents saying the same thing when they got their cards.

Here’s a conversation with my son.

Ummmm, congratulations???

Thanks. Actually, it is a cause for celebration because when it goes into effect, we’ll get a “raise.” Medicare Part B and a Medicare supplement are LOTS cheaper than major medical.

We just found out that the kids are uninsured as of September, so I’m a little jealous.

The next two are from ladies I worked with for a number of years. They’re so sweet you’d think I was still responsibility for their annual reviews.

You’re not old. You’re just getting the reward of your hard work.

I heard they were sending them out to youngsters nowadays !!!

This last one was from my cousin who is not THAT far behind me. His time is coming, along with payback!

What’s a Medicare card? I’m too young to know about those things.

The second group is friends who are already on Medicare. They love it, but they also relate to my feelings of being old.

I got mine a couple of months ago! I have shopped all day, and now I feel my age.

You’re still a young pup. I have had mine almost 6 years now. People complain, but my knee replacement cost me nothing in “out of pocket” expenses. Can’t beat that with a stick.

Welcome to the club, my dear.

I love being this age, and Medicare is the best part.

The last group of comments is from those who are close can’t wait to get on it. It’s like being in your second childhood. You can’t wait for that upcoming special birthday.

I’m just plain jealous! I still have 19 months to wait.

Medicare card and over 65 discounts are just what I have been living for.

I will be joining you in May!

The arrival of the card and the accompanying excitement were just the beginning of the rite of passage. After that came the experience of wading through the jungle of governmental bureaucracy and insurance lingo in search of the right supplement, but that’s another post for another time.




Comments on: "The Medicare Saga – Part One | by Linda Brendle" (3)

  1. Well, I’m not looking forward to it!

  2. Don’t know about your supplement, but my wife’s (I’m on VA) came throught Blue Cross/Blue Shield, which definitely is not “governemental bureacracy! Compared to dealing with private insurance, my dealing with Medicare has been a cakewalk.

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