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I mentioned in an earlier post that I rode a motorcycle for a while. I started out on a Yamaha Virago 1100 that I called El Vira; but after fighting the crosswinds of South Dakota on a trip to the BIG rally, I decided I needed something heavier than 450 pounds, so I got a Harley. She was a 2002 Heritage Softail Classic, and I christened her The Blue Angel. She was big and powerful and shiny, and she had chrome in places I didn’t know bikes had places.

One of the ladies in our Ladies of Harley group wrote an article for the monthly newsletter defining the difference between a biker chick and a biker babe. I never considered myself either; I was just a biker, a real one. In case you’ve wondered how to tell a real biker from a wannabee, here are a few ways I came up with.

10. A real biker wears leather, not because it looks cool, but because a bug at 70 miles an hour hurts.

9. A real biker’s leathers smell like road dirt and have bugs embedded in the grain.

8. A real biker knows that a car is really called a cage.

7. A real biker waves at other bikers – even when she’s in a cage.

6. A real biker recognizes the sound of a Harley – and always turns to look.

5. A real biker can pack for a two-week trip in a couple of saddle bags.

4. A real biker knows that polishing all that chrome isn’t a chore; it’s an act of love.

3. A real biker doesn’t trailer her bike to rallies, she rides it.

2. A real biker has more miles on her bike than on her car.

1. A real biker knows it’s always a good day for a ride.

As we used to say in Bikers for Christ: Pray, Go, Ride, Share.



Comments on: "Ten Ways to Recognize a Real Biker | by Linda Brendle" (3)

  1. Still cracks me up to think of my mom as a biker chick.

  2. Susan Gaspar said:

    Soooooo, could you please send me an email: what is the difference between a biker babe and biker chick?

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