On caregivers, faith, family, and writing…

One of my literary friends wrote an article today about being a mom. She ended with a list of things she never thought she’d say.   One of the really hard parts about caring for a parent is switching roles with them and becoming the authority figure in the relationship. Following are some things I never thought I’d say to one or both of my parents.

  1. I know you don’t feel like you need to go to the bathroom, but go before we leave, just in case.
  2. Yes, you have to go to the dentist.
  3. It’s not a great idea to put the ice cream in the vegetable drawer.
  4. No, you can’t wear that shirt again. You’ve worn it every day this week.
  5. Dad, you’re wearing Mom’s glasses.
  6. No, we’re not there yet.
  7. It’s okay. I know you didn’t spill on purpose.
  8. You’ll be fine with Jim. I’ll be back before you know it.
  9. Open your mouth. Just one more bite.
  10. Do you know who I am?



Comments on: "Things I Never Thought I’d Say | by Linda Brendle" (6)

  1. bless you for saying it all. . . .

  2. This was touching. I haven’t experienced this exact case myself, but I had grandparents with other disabilities, and it’s important to find some the light in certain situations.

  3. You are a wonder Mrs.Brendle!

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