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Writing with Someone Else’s Voice | by Linda Brendle

Cover of "Jesse Stone: Night Passage"

What does Tom Selleck have to do with spiritual gifts? If you’ll bear with me through a few paragraphs, I’ll try to retrace my train of thought.


I’ve loved Tom Selleck since he was Magnum P.I., so I was really excited in early 2005 when I saw advertisements for a made-for-TV movie called Stone Cold. Selleck had the starring role as Jesse Stone, chief of police in a small town called Paradise. It wasn’t great cinema, but it was great Selleck. He played the part as if it had been written especially for him. In the next two years, three more Jesse Stone movies were aired, each one better than the last. The movies were based on a series of novels by Robert B. Parker, and I fell more in love with him than with Selleck. I’ve always been a sucker for a good mystery, and Parker was the best. His story lines were good enough to hold the reader’s interest but simple enough to allow his rich cast of characters to shine. (more…)

New Children’s Book – The Tree With No Branches

Team AKA (all the authors represented by AKA Literary, LLC) is super excited today. Our own John Newcomb released his first book, and it is apparently causing quite a stir on Amazon. Here, in his own words, is a description of The Tree With No Branches, by Johnny Knew with illustrations by K. Von Ward:

The book, The Tree With No Branches, is my first published book.  It was a joy to write for many reasons.  One of the many reasons was the message…a small tree, not liked, ugly even, grows on the inside, what can’t be seen.  He grows his roots deep which ultimately helps him in a marvelous and wonderful way.  It’s a book about character, perseverance, and accepting others who are different.  Then, when the illustrator added the pictures…WOW…I know you and your kids and/or grandkids will LOVE this book.  The Tree With No Branches is a keeper.

Preview the first 6 pages of this beautifully written and illustrated book here,  and then go to Amazon to purchase it here.

Congratulations, John, and best wishes for much success. When one of us wins, we all win.



Healthcare – Then and Now | by Linda Brendle

I don’t know if we had health insurance when I was a child. When I had a sore throat that wouldn’t go away, I went to the doctor, and the rest of the time, I didn’t give any thought to healthcare. Now our entire way of life revolves around the subject.

Health insurance became a personal issue years later after I was married and wanted to start a family. Maternity coverage was excluded from many insurance plans, and if it was included at all, there were stringent limitations. My husband was considering changing jobs, and one of the normal coverage limitations was that maternity benefits didn’t kicked in for a year after the inception of a new policy. On (more…)

Senior Humor – Edition 10 | by Linda Brendle

After ten days of focusing on the warning signs of Alzheimer’s, I decided it was time to lighten the mood a bit.

Grandma decided to put a jigsaw puzzle together, so she grabbed the box and poured the pieces out on the table. After a while, she began to get frustrated and called Grandpa.

“George, can you come in here and give me a hand.” (more…)

Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s – Part 10 of 10 | by Linda Brendle

As I typed “Part 10 of 10,” I felt a little like Johnny Carson as Carnac the Magnificent saying, “I hold in my hand the last envelope.” Unlike his audience, I hope my readers aren’t clapping and hurrahing at the end of a long, tedious series.

The last warning sign is changes in mood and personality. All of us, especially as we get older, develop specific ways of doing things, and we sometimes become irritable when a routine is disrupted. Once again, Alzheimer’s may cause people to carry this irritation to extremes: (more…)

Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s – Part 9 of 10 | by Linda Brendle

We all sometimes leave an old hobby for a while to try something new, and we all sometimes get tired of work, family and social obligations. But someone with Alzheimer’s may exhibit more extreme signs of withdrawal from social, family and work activities: (more…)

Warning Signs of Alzheimer’s – Part 8 of 10 | by Linda Brendle

Poor judgment!

Have you ever made a bad decision? What about that used car that the guy assured you was in mint condition, or those expensive designer shoes that hurt your feet just a little bit, or that boyfriend you forgave because he swore she was just a friend. Yeah, we’ve all had lapses in judgment from time to time, but people with Alzheimer’s take “decreased or poor judgment” to a whole new level: (more…)

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