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When I got my first “blog award” a few months after I published my first post, I was really excited. Then I read the instructions: post this award button on your blog, write a post including 7 things about yourself and links to 15 blogs including the one who sent you this award.  Be sure to send an award notification to the bloggers you mention along with an explanation of the award requirements. It sounded an awful lot like a chain letter to me, and my excitement dwindled a bit. In fact, I handled those awards the way I handle most chain letters: I did nothing. Then I got an award from Liz.

Liz is one of those nice people you meet on the internet who you consider a friend even though you’ll probably never meet in person. She reads my blogs and offers affirming and encouraging comments, and I read hers and try to do the same, although I have to admit that I’ve fallen behind on my end of the deal lately.

When she wrote a comment saying she was sending me the “One Lovely Blog Award,” I didn’t know what to do. My inclination was to ignore it like I did the other awards, but coming from Liz, it felt like it really meant something. I let it sit for a few days, and then I did a little backtracking. I went to Liz’s blog and read her post about receiving the award, and then I went to Be-ing Hugh_Mann  who gave the award to her and read his related post. Both of them, instead of focusing on posting a lot of links to try and boost hits, focused on their favorite blogs and why they like them. I can do that.

The Kovies by lexiesnana

LexiesNana is Liz, the blogger who nominated me for the award. She says she’s not a writer, but she is a natural-born storyteller. She started her blog in order to write down stories about her life and her family so her grandchildren could one day read them and know a little more about Nana. Fortunately, she allows us to read them, too. Visit her blog where you will be touched in a special way and always entertained.

Christian Piatt: Father, Son, and Holy Heretic by Christian Piatt

Christian is my son and the father of my two grandchildren. That explains the first two parts of his blog title. The Holy Heretic part is because he has moved pretty far left of his Southern Baptist roots. He writes about everything from his own family life to the most recent current events, all with a spiritual twist and his special brand of smart-assedness. He was recently rated by churchrelevance.com as the 75th most relevant Christian blogger available today. Of course, relevance is in the mind of the reader, but this blog is guaranteed to challenge and entertain.

Flawed Glass by Jim Robinson

Jim is my brother, and yes, there is some nepotism going on here. He is a retired minister who is passionate about bringing both sides of the argument, any argument, to the table for meaningful dialogue. He’s also passionate about his family, especially his grandchildren, about fishing, and about history. He’s a busy man for a retiree, but when he settles into his easy chair for the evening, he sometimes shares his thoughts in an interesting, educational, and thought-provoking way.

Being Sam by Leanne Vaughan

Leanne is a fellow caregiver, as a caring professional, as a foster mother, and as a loving family member. She writes about coming alongside, and she shares her heart in a way that will touch yours.

Many of my fellow AKA Literary authors also blog, so many that I hesitate to list any for fear of leaving someone out. Most of them are listed on the AKA Literary page here on my blog – my apologies to those newcomers who have not been added. Each is linked to a website or blog, and each is extremely accomplished in his or her genre. It would be well worth your time to click, visit and read.

Going back to the award, the instructions also said to tell 7 things about yourself. If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you already know most of what there is to know about me. If I’ve missed anything important, I’ll try to take care of that in future posts.

So thanks, Liz, for the lovely award, and thanks to all of you for stopping by. Come back often, and if you like what you read, leave a comment and tell your friends. If you disagree with something I write or have suggestions, I’d love to hear from you, too.



Comments on: "Blog Awards: to Participate or Not | by Linda Brendle" (4)

  1. Jo Lynn Robinson said:

    1. A pet lover, although she doesn’t currently have one (I don’t think).
    2. Can creatively make leftovers into delicious soup.
    3. An accomplished pianist, although maybe a little rusty.
    4. Looks much younger than her age … even without makeup!
    5. Has traveled the world … well, at least some of it.
    6. A Super Sister-In-Law!!
    7. A little insecure, as I KNOW she was a bit nervous when she started reading this.
    See, and it’s all true!! Love you, sis.

  2. Linda,I too consider you a friend and even though we will probably never meet here on earth I expect to see you in the Land of Glory! Liz

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