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All of us who live in the South have heard some version of this comment from our friends of a more northern persuasion:

“I couldn’t live down here. I’d miss the change of seasons too much.”

It’s true that we don’t always have the gradual Spring thaw with the first green sprigs peeking timidly through the muddy remnants of the last snow. Instead we go to bed one March night with nothing but bare branches in the yard and wake up with a riot of white blossoms on every pear tree. And we don’t have a month or two to go through a slow transition from long johns to lightweight jackets to summer wear. Instead we go directly from boots and sweaters to shorts and sandals. But we usually get a day or two of beautiful weather when we can open the windows and air out the house before we shut ourselves in for the long, hot summer.

As summer comes to an end, I see pictures on Facebook of the beautiful fall color and hear reports of cooler temperatures to the north. With the exception of a couple of cool fronts, our temps here in Texas have stayed in the 80s and 90s, and our trees are still mostly green. In the next few weeks, we may get a few streaks of red and gold here and there, but the majority of the leaves will go straight to brown before they fall to their inevitable end under the blades of a mulching mower or in a burn pile.

Regardless of the thermometer or the leaves, we do have our signs of the changing of the seasons. Here are a few of the ways you can tell that Fall has come to Texas.

  1. Felt beige cowboy hat on a white background

    Straw cowboy hats are replaced by felt cowboy hats.

  2. Hunters start counting the days until deer season opens.
  3. Many news stories report on the latest fried food at the State Fair.
  4. More news stories report on this year’s “super gift” in the Neiman-Marcus Christmas catalogue.

    Tony Romo (en) at a Dallas Cowboys (en) preseason.

  5. Every grocery store, nursery, and home improvement store has specials on pots of chrysanthemums.
  6. Every night but Tuesday and Wednesday is spent watching football, either on television or at the local middle school or high school stadium.
  7. Every church, club  and civic organization has a chili cook-off.
  8. The neighbors who have been hibernating in the air conditioning all summer begin to appear in their yards.
  9. We have oatmeal instead of cold cereal for breakfast.
  10. All conversations turn to complaints about Tony Romo.



Comments on: "Top Ten Ways to Know Fall Has Arrived in Texas | by Linda Brendle" (4)

  1. Amen to that last one

  2. Is Pastor Reno one of your subscribers? He would love this as much as this Mississippi girl, turned Florida did!

    • No, i don’t think he’s on the list, but he’s welcome to plagiarize if he wants to! Glad you enjoyed it, and I hope you’re having a great fall. Love you.

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