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Last month, I wrote a post called When Does One Become “Elderly. It was a rather scholarly work, or as scholarly as I get, with references from both the regular and medical sections of Free Dictionary, Geriatrics Gerontology International, and the World Health Organization. But, a few things have happened lately that have made me realize there are much easier ways to tell when you’re getting old. Here are a few of them:

  1. Most of the telephone sales calls you get are about Part D Coverage or Medicare Supplements.
  2. Those strange popping noises you hear in exercise class are coming from your ankle, your knee, your hip, your shoulder, your neck.
  3. Sales clerks, waiters and waitresses give you the senior discount without asking.
  4. You’re much more likely to ask your friends to recommend a doctor than a babysitter.
  5. When your friends say It’s getting close to nap time, they’re not talking about the grandkids.
  6. You have more prescription bottles than perfume bottles in your bathroom.
  7. You can say been there and done that to, well, to almost everything.
  8. The “noise” your kids listened to as teenagers is now played on the golden oldies stations.
  9. You can truthfully answer “yes” to every one of the “do you remember” e-mails and Facebook posts.
  10. Your baby is worrying about the wattle under his chin.



Comments on: "Top Ten Ways to Know You’re Getting Old | by Linda Brendle" (2)

  1. sounds like signs I’m getting old.

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