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FlowersI wrote on Monday about the ladies’ conference my church is hosting tomorrow. We’ve spent the last two days mopping floors, swabbing toilets and dusting blinds. We’ve set up tables and chairs, arranged decorations and put up signs. We’ve baked muffins and bagged cookies, put gift bags together and answered phone calls. We’ve panicked and we’ve prayed, and we’re all tired.

This afternoon when I was revising the schedule one more time, I heard the front door open and a voice say “Is Linda here?”

I looked up and saw a lady holding these beautiful flowers. She handed me the vase and said, “I hope they’re what you had in mind.”

“I didn’t order any flowers,” I said.

Brenda followed her into the office with that smile women get when one of us gets an unexpected bouquet.

“I can’t wait to see the card,” she said.

The message was short and sweet: You’ve done your work, now watch God do His! With Love, Jim & Jo Lynn (my brother and sister-in-law). There were more than a few tears when I shared the flowers and the message with the rest of the group.

We had a potluck dinner tonight. We ate and shared and attended to last minute details. Then we said good night and headed home, wondering if any of us would get any sleep. There were a few glitches and a few concerns, but we know we’ve done our work. Now we’re all excited to watch God do His work.



Comments on: "My Work and God’s | by Linda Brendle" (3)

  1. I hope your conference goes smoothly as silk. It sounds like you ladies have worked and worried yourselves to death. And I agree with with your brother and sister in law. Look at all you’ve done in God’s house and I bet he loves a party. 🙂

    • Krista and Liz, God does love a party, and He showed up and showed off. We had about 80% of the number we had planned for in spite of early morning rains. Only about half the children we had planned for showed up so we had more than enough child care workers, and the rain cleared and the cold front didn’t hit until 5:30 pm so the kids got to go outside and there were no unhappy children to distract from the “adult” activities. We had planned extra long breaks to allow time for everyone to get snacks and lunch and use the restroom in our limited facilities. Everyone was so gracious and everything went so smoothly that we finished the day 45 minutes early. Besides the physical aspects of the day, the spiritual part was even better. The Holy Spirit was present in the praise time and the teaching time, and we were all blessed. We had 33 ladies sign up for a 9-week Bible study beginning February, and we will have a 2-hour follow-up mini-conference in early May (bring your own brown bag lunch)! I could go on an on and probably will in a post some time next week. Thank you both for your encouragement and your friendship.

  2. God does love to party and Linda with you anything is possible.You do good things my friend and God smiles.

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