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RedeemBannerRGB2On Tuesday I posted the written account of the Ladies’ Conference our church hosted on January 12. Here’s the pictorial version.

In spite of early morning rains, we had around 240 in attendance including men and children. Our men were amazing, coordinating parking in three locations, standing in the rain to direct traffic and help ladies out of their cars, greeting each arrival and holding umbrellas over them as they walked to the building.

Arrival 1

Arrival 3


Arrival 5




Check-in was a little hectic, but the registration crew remained cheerful and flexible, shifting lines from window to window to keep things moving and setting up an impromptu coffee service to keep everyone happy. In spite of the weather and the crowd, we managed to get everyone in their seats in time to start right on schedule. (You’ll notice a lot of turquoise in the pictures. Our volunteers all wore turquoise so our guests would know who to ask for help or information.)



Registration 4

Welcome 1

Welcome 2






The praise team led us in songs that inspired us to worship and helped us feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. By the time Edwina began to teach, we were prepared, and we were all blessed.

Praise 2


Praise 1

Edwina 1






We had more than enough loving child care workers, the rain cleared and the predicted cold front didn’t hit until 5:30 pm. The kids got to play outside part of the day, and I didn’t hear any unhappiness coming from the nursery or children’s rooms, even from the workers!

Kids 3


Kids 4

Kids 5




Our kitchen crew was outstanding. They served muffins in the morning, wrap sandwiches and pizza at lunch and cookies in the afternoon. They even prepared meals for several guests with special dietary needs, and although we worried about running short (it’s a southern thing), everyone had more than enough to eat.

Coffee 2


Coffee 4

Lunch Decor






Lunch Prep 2

Lunch Line

Lunch 3




In addition to parking duties, our men offered prayer support throughout the day and generally kept things running smoothly. Thanks guys!

Men Praying 2


Men Working 2

Men Working 3

Men Thank You 2






It was so great to see God at work in the conference, and it’s great to know that His work goes on. Edwina Patterson will lead a 10-week Bible study at Believers’ Baptist Church in Emory, Texas beginning February 17 at 6:00 pm. The only cost is for the Redeeming the Time book and workbook. For more information call the church at 903-474-0027.



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