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In Wednesday’s post I mentioned that I was going to be a guest on Christian’s blog today. His blog is titled “Christian Piatt: Father, Son and Holy Heretic.” He sometimes says he’s the product of an atheist and a Southern Baptist. I’m the Southern Baptist part of the equation. In September of 2011 when Patheos picked up his blog, I wrote a post giving my thoughts on having produced a “holy heretic.” I updated it a little bit and used it as my guest post today. You can read it here.





Comments on: "My Son, the Holy Heretic | by Linda Brendle" (2)

  1. Isn’t it wonderful how God makes our children so amazing.I love it that yours keeps you on your toes and yet is so very brilliant.I have read a lot of his work and I must admit he is very thought provoking.Great post Linda

    • Thanks Liz. Yes, children are a blessing and a challenge! And yes, Christian doesn’t push his beliefs on anyone, but he certainly provides lots of food for thought.

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