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Confusion and Certainty about God | by Linda Brendle

Head would explodeI’m not a very deep thinker. When I was growing up in Dallas, there was a D.J. on WRR named Jim Low. One of his tag lines was “even nonconformists conform to nonconformity.” It made sense, but wrapping my young and simple mind around it gave me a headache. I feel the same way about some articles I’ve read recently about the existence of God. (more…)

There’s Still Hope | by Linda Brendle

Child's SmileWith all the stories of bombings and mass shootings that surround us on a daily basis, it’s hard to remain hopeful about the future of mankind. But sometimes hope comes when you least expect, maybe from a crooked little smile or a Kit Kat bar. (more…)

A Pictorial Garden Update | by Linda Brendle

I had a couple of serious posts in mind for today, but I went out to give my plants a drink and decided some garden pictures would be much more fun. To catch up on the history of some of my babies, go back to my post called “Plans, God, and Day Lilies.”The irises and day lilies Dirk gave me are doing great. One of the irises is proudly sporting two buds…



Talking to My Son About Boston | reblogged post from Christian Piatt

Bill O’Reilly is angry about the Boston bombing and thinks everyone else should be, too. Last night after listening to him, David asked if I was angry. I’m not angry. I’m just sad – sad that my 9-year-old grandson has to try to make sense of something so senseless – sad that children can’t take home made treats to school any more.

Read about Christian’s conversation with Mattias over breakfast this morning:

Talking to My Son About Boston.



Is It Live or Is It Memorex | by Linda Brendle

media_memorex_cass_1974-212x300Yesterday was my birthday, and if you remember the commercial quoted in the title of this post, you’re like me, older than dirt. But I don’t want to talk about age today. I want to talk about birthday greetings. I got a LOT. I got two cards in the mail, I got lots of face-to-face wishes and hugs at the Senior Center, and I got a phone call from my sweet friend Mary. Everything else was electronic. My question is, were the electronic greetings live or Memorex? (more…)

From Trash to Watermelons | by Linda Brendle

Trash PileWhen we bought our little 2+ acre homestead four years ago, it was in need of some TLC. In a previous post called “Other People’s Garbage,” I wrote about the piles of junk and partially burned trash we found. This picture shows one of the larger piles in the lower right-hand corner. The downed tree was blackened and surrounded by a mound of dirt and the non-combustible remains of many fires. (more…)

Senior Humor – Edition 14 | by Linda Brendle

seniors laughing 2 041712Time for a little break from reality. Here is a little more senior humor I found on the Internet.

Overheard at the Senior Center:

“Hey, Joe, I hear you’re getting married?”


“Do I know her?”


“Is she good looking?” (more…)

Avoiding the Comparison Trap

There is so much wisdom in this article by The Writing Sisters that I had to share it. The wisdom goes well beyond the writing world and applies to every aspect of our lives.

WordServe Water Cooler


Each one should test their own actions.
Then they can take pride in themselves alone,
without comparing themselves to someone else.  Galatians 6:4

Nothing stops the flow of creativity more than comparing myself to others.  Usually I’m comparing my insides to their outsides. My rough draft to their finished book. My internal  mess to their polished perfection.

Comparing makes me insecure. I look at the work of others and all my doubts surface. In my mind, questions arise about my abilities. Inspiration is lost and work stops.

 “Don’t always be appraising yourself, wondering if you are better or worse than other writers.  Besides, since you are like no other being ever created since the beginning of Time, you are incomparable. ” Brenda Ueland

God has created me and He knows me. He has given me the ability to write. I want to be confident in my work.

Comparing makes…

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A Tribute to the Harmons| by Linda Brendle

RVI met Brent and Sharon Harmon in early 2007 when David and I first got serious about the RV lifestyle. I’m not sure how our interest was first piqued. The first thing I remember is David showing me a luxury motorhome on his computer. It sported a mid-six figure price tag, and we laughed over the impossibility of owning one as we oohed and aahed over the fancy, tricked-out bus. (more…)

The Humility and Grace of Foot Washing | by Linda Brendle

From abcnews.go.com

From abcnews.go.com

It takes humility to serve others, but sometimes it takes even more humility to allow others to serve you. Pope Francis created quite a stir during Holy Week when he celebrated the Mass of the Lord’s Supper at a prison and washed the feet of a dozen inmates. Most of the media coverage focused on the break from the tradition of washing the feet of the cardinals and on the propriety (or impropriety) of including women in the ritual. Michael Sean Winters, however, wrote about the symbolism of the act in his article titled “Pope Francis & the Washing of Feet” in the April 1 issue of National Catholic Reporter.  (more…)

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