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I had a couple of serious posts in mind for today, but I went out to give my plants a drink and decided some garden pictures would be much more fun. To catch up on the history of some of my babies, go back to my post called “Plans, God, and Day Lilies.”The irises and day lilies Dirk gave me are doing great. One of the irises is proudly sporting two buds…


…and the day lilies have almost doubled in size.

Day Lilies

The potatoes I was worried about are doing very well – for those of you who are non-gardeners, the potatoes are in the foreground. I’m a non/new gardener, so I’m learning most of this as I go along. eHow says new potatoes can be harvested when the tops are 12” high, so we may have some for dinner later this week. My one remaining romaine lettuce plant (in the middle) is thriving. I’ve already taken three salads worth of leaves, and it’s still going strong.


The garlic along the back of the previous picture is also thriving with one exception. Yesterday I noticed one plant was lying in the dirt. I set it back upright, packed the dirt around it and hoped for the best. Today it was down again and the leaves were turning yellow, and although Dirk said that garlic harvest is in June, I thought I’d better pull this one up. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that some underground critter had beaten me to the punch. I hope he doesn’t get my whole crop.


I planted yellow squash and zucchini on these little hills. They all came up and are doing quite nicely. I can’t remember which ones I planted in which rows, so I guess I’ll just have to wait and see what develops.


Our church youth group had a garage and plant sale earlier this month. If you remember, I planted two tomato plants last year and lost almost all the tomatoes to the squirrels. Determined to get some fresh tomatoes this year, David went to the sale and bought a dozen plants. One disappeared the first night leaving a little square hole and a neighbor-child-sized tennis shoe print. A few days later another one fell victim to some unknown nighttime predator and, although its little corpse was still there the next morning, it was broken off at ground level. So far the ten survivors are doing well.


The watermelon seeds I wrote about in “From Trash to Watermelons” are coming up. I didn’t take a picture, though. The seedlings are too small and my hands are too unsteady for a close-up, but I’m sure you’ll get more pictures as the season progresses. Miracles never cease to fascinate me, and what good are miracles if you can’t share them. God grants the blooms, indeed!



Comments on: "A Pictorial Garden Update | by Linda Brendle" (8)

  1. Wow! Impressed with your little garden. REALLY impressed. You go girl!

    • Thanks. I’m having fun. With all the digging to get it started, I’ve developed some pretty impressive biceps. Unfortunately, my triceps still look like bat wings!!

  2. Congrats on the garden. We won’t have that experience this year, so maybe I can find a farmer’s market. I don’t know where the farmers will come from, but I understand they open the farmer’s market weekly.

  3. Your gardening efforts are fun and fulfilling not only to you, but also to your readers. Try sprinkling some cayenne pepper around your garlic and tomatoes. My squirrels here don’t like it and neither do the deer and it doesn’t hurt the vegetable plants. I’ve also been known to make cayenne tea and actually spray it on the leaves. It worked for me. Keep enjoying and sharing that garden.

  4. Linda I am so wanting to get outside and plant but we actually had snow here yesterday. It is all gone but the flowers got bit some. Keep us posted.

    • Liz, one of the advantages of living in Texas is that you can start a garden early. Of course, if you’re not careful, everything burns up by July or August. Good luck with yours, and I’m sure you’ll see more about mine!

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