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MomandDadA few weeks ago, the good people at Assisted Living Directory asked me to write an article for their website. I wrote a brief account of Mom and Dad’s journey from independent living through moving in with us and on to assisted living. The article featured one of my favorite pictures with this caption:

Changes are hard, and placing a loved one in a residential care facility is one of the hardest. But finding a facility with a caring, professional staff can make all the difference.

Click here to read the article.



Comments on: "The Last Transition – Moving into Assisted Living" (4)

  1. I loved that picture and the article is very relevant to me. My grandmother is at the stage that she needs to go to a nursing home but no one wants to be the one to do it. She’ll be in one for about 2 weeks while my mother needs a much needed break. My grandmother’s reply was, “Well that will be the end of me.”

    • Krista, unfortunately some people give up when they move into a residential care facility of any kind. Mom and Dad were too far into the grips of dementia to realize what was going on, so it didn’t matter so much to them. I hope all goes will with the break for your mom. Who knows, maybe your grandmother will like it so much she’ll want to stay. One can always hope!

  2. Linda the piece you wrote probably helped a lot of people. So tender and informative at the same time. When we had to move Grandma to the nursing home her memory was so bad she didn’t even know. It is heart breaking to watch and you are right, the staff there is so important.

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