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Garlic Drying

Garlic Drying

I still have pests in my garden. In my last “Garlic Wars” post, I wrote about an unknown enemy who was making underground raids in my garden. I’ve had several people ask how it’s going, so here’s the latest.

After our trip to Hooten’s for weapons, we prepared to engage in chemical warfare. Following the directions on the package, David poked around the affected area until he found several tunnels. He made holes about an inch in diameter and waited. If it was an active tunnel, the gopher or whatever little monster was eating my garlic was supposed to repair the hole within 24 hours. David went out every morning to check the holes, but none of them were ever repaired. Apparently the gopher had read the package direction, too. And the garlic continued to disappear. A fourth one bit the dust, and when a fifth one keeled over, I gave up.

“That’s it. He’s taken a fourth of my crop. I’m going to pull it all up even if it’s a little early.”

“Okay,” said David, “but I think I’ll go ahead and put out some poison anyway. From the looks of this mound, he may be headed toward your carrots.”

I wasn’t too disappointed in my yield. I got 15 very large bulbs which should be more than enough to keep the vampires away until next season.

Now that's what I call garlic.

Now that’s what I call garlic.

The rest of my garden is doing well. The zucchini is blooming like crazy, and several little yellow squash have popped out. The cucumbers are a little behind, but I saw a bloom on one of those yesterday.

Isn't that just the cutest little squash!

Isn’t that just the cutest little squash!

Thewatermelon seeds I planted in the old trash pile have come up and seem to be doing nicely. I hope the deer stay out of them.

Watermelon Patch.

Watermelon Patch.

My tomatoes are coming on beautifully. One of my internet friends read about my problem last year with the squirrels taking all my tomatoes and suggested that I use cayenne pepper to keep them away. Aunt Fay says that will just spice up the tomatoes for them, but I’m trying it anyway. It’s worked so far.

Look quick before it disappears.

Look quick before it disappears.

I did a little more harvesting today. I was weeding around the potatoes and saw what I thought was a mushroom growing beside one of the stems. I reached over and flicked it away, and it was a little new potato. Since I had one, I dug around and found a few more for dinner. The tops of the carrots are getting pretty tall, so I pulled a few of those, too. They’re a little gnarly looking – I may not have tilled deep enough – but they’ll be good in a salad.

I've been playing in the dirt again.

I’ve been playing in the dirt again.

By the time I finished all that, I was ready for a shower. I’m beginning to feel like I know a little bit about what I’m doing, but I still manage to get filthy, regardless of how much protective clothing I wear. As I gathered my tools, I scanned the garden one more time and realized the war may be heating up on another front. One of my onions is missing.



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