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Senior Humor – Edition 16 | by Linda Brendle

seniors laughing 2 041712I don’t know how many more of these posts I’ll be able to do. Lately when I search for “senior humor,” a lot of the links are to my past posts. I guess I’ve mined the available resources pretty well. If you have a new senior story that’s “G” rated and not too long, post it in the comments.

I found this first story in a Huffington Post article  from September of last year. It’s from a collection of jokes by Geoff Tibbals called Unforgettable Senior Jokes. (more…)

For Mattias: Grandparents Were a Lot Different when I Was a Kid | by Linda Brendle

Grandmother and Granddaddy Robinson

Grandmother and Granddaddy Robinson

Mattias, my grandparent situation was a lot different than yours when I was a kid. For one thing, I only had three instead the crowd you have. Grandmother and Granddaddy Robinson (my dad’s parents) were still married to their original spouses, and Granny Hagan (my mom’s mother) was a widow. Her husband died several years before I was born.

My grandparents had strange names. Mom’s father was Ralph Charles Hagan which wasn’t too unusual, but her mother was Alva Lee (Cox) Hagan. Dad’s father was Oscar Lee Robinson and his mother was Iona Florence (Yandall) Robinson. Not quite the same as David, Linda, Mark, Mary Kay, Suzie, and Russ. It didn’t matter that much because we didn’t call them by their first names anyway. (more…)

Caregivers’ Attitude Matters to Alzheimer’s Patients

Researchers have found that those with Alzheimer's show a high level of 'Emotional Contagion' - the unconscious ability to mimic another person's emotions.

Researchers have found that those with Alzheimer’s show a high level of ‘Emotional Contagion’ – the unconscious ability to mimic another person’s emotions.

David Besnette at Assisted Living Directory has published another one of my articles. This one is about how those with Alzheimer’s sometimes draw their emotional cues from those around them. In it I cite an article by Virginia Hughes, and I also draw on my personal experience to explain how this phenomenon affected my relationship with Mom.

To read the complete article, CLICK HERE.



Why Did I Become a Writer? | by Linda Brendle

PW4-writing-contest-sm3I posted an article in August of 2011 called “When Did I Know I Wanted to Be a Writer?” This morning I came across an article on Positive Writer announcing a writing contest called “You Are a Writer.” It sounded like fun, so I’m rerunning that 2011 post as my entry. I hope you enjoy it – again.

When Did You Know You Wanted to Be a Writer?

One of my Facebook/writer friends recently posed this question and quickly received a number of responses. I thought about it a while and told her my answer was too long for a FB response and that I’d write a blog post about it. So Krista, this one’s for you. (more…)

Am I Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? | by Linda Brendle


Squirrel (Photo credit: Kenny Teo (zoompict))

No, I’m not even smarter than the local squirrels.

Last year I wrote (and whined) a lot about the squirrels who were stealing my tomatoes. I had two little plants and was so proud when the little green fruit started to show up. But one by one, before any of them could get larger than a golf ball, they disappeared. After searching the internet and picking the brain of every experienced gardener I knew, I narrowed down the usual suspects to squirrels. I went to the local hardware/lumber/garden/everything store where the resident expert sold me some pellets that were supposed to repel all comers, but the tomatoes continued to disappear. (more…)

For Mattias: How TV Programming Was Different when I Was a Kid | by Linda Brendle

Mattias, not only were the televisions sets a lot different when I was a kid,  but the programming was also a lot different from what you see now. For one thing, there wasn’t nearly as much to choose from – when we first got our TV, we only had three channels. For another thing, programming wasn’t available 24 hours a day. The first news programs came on around 6:00 am, and the broadcast day ended at midnight with the playing of the National Anthem as Old Glory fluttered in the breeze. After a few minutes, the flag was replaced by a test pattern and a steady tone that went on all night. (more…)

Happy Father’s Day | by Linda Brendle

To all the fathers who held us close and made us feel secure and loved:

My Daddy and me - 1947

My Daddy and me – 1947


For Mattias: How TV Was Different when I Was a Kid | by Linda Brendle

TVs are a lot different now!

TVs are a lot different now!

We just got back from week with our kids and grandkids. Christian and Amy are wonderful people, great hosts, and interesting company, but Mattias and Zoe were the main attractions.

Zoe is 4 years old and is little Miss Sunshine personified. She is always smiling and rarely argues, and she fell in love with Grandpa David. I got my share of love from her, though, and we had fun planting seeds and going to the park.

Mattias is a more serious 9-year-old. He gives see-you-after-school waves and good-night hugs, but most of his interaction is verbal. He likes to talk and ask questions. One of his favorite questions is How were things different when you were a kid? I answered some of his questions, but I’m sure there are lots of differences left to explore. I’ve decided to devote a little space to the distant past from time to time, so Mattias, this post is for you. (more…)

Being a Grandparent Is Its Own Excuse | by Linda Brendle

I know I’ve been AWOL for a few days, but there are valid reasons. Here are two of them:

Zoe's first ballet recital.

   Zoe’s first ballet recital.

She and the others acted silly during warm ups, but when the music started, she danced like a princess.

She and the others acted silly during warm ups, but when the music started, she danced like a princess.

Mattias got his yellow belt.

Mattias got his yellow belt.

If you’re a grandparent or had one, you understand.

We’re getting back on the flying standby merry-go-round at 12:55 am. Pray it doesn’t take us 22 hours to get home.





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