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Royal Family Kids Camp: Getting Ready for the Kids | by Linda Brendle

Welcome Posters

Welcome Posters

I woke up Sunday morning filled with both excitement and anxiety. My list was checked, my bags were packed, and my neon welcome signs were ready except for the names – in case my campers didn’t get to come. We were due at Wes and Lisa’s by 11:00 am, so we made a final check and loaded the car. Ready or not… (more…)

I’m Going to Camp: Can a Week Make a Difference? |by Linda Brendle

summercampI haven’t been to camp in a very, very long time, but I’m going next week. The last time I went, it was to G.A. camp (Girls Auxiliary), and I was a teen counselor. This time I”ll be more of a grandma counselor, but that’s not the only difference. Instead of helping to supervise a group of girls, I’ve been assigned to two pre-teen campers. I’ll shepherd them through 5 days and 4 nights of swimming, games, crafts, devotionals, and lots of other fun and inspirational activities. This will probably be foreign to them. They’re both in the foster system, and they’ve both been a victim of child abuse. (more…)

My Strange Carrot Harvest Photos | by Linda Brendle

I harvested my carrots yesterday and got a pretty good haul for an amateur. I may not have thinned them like I should, though, and I ended up with some strange shapes.  (more…)

For Mattias: Cars Were a Lot Different When I Was a Kid | by Linda Brendle

Linda - 1954

Linda – 1954

The first car I remember was something like the one in this picture – and yes, that’s me standing in front of it with my missing teeth and knobby knees. I asked my brother what kind of car it was, but there’s not enough of the car in the picture to tell. The cars he remembers were a gray ’36 Plymouth, a maroon ’42 Ford and a ’46 Ford, but he said he didn’t think this car was any of those. It doesn’t really matter a lot, because all the cars looked pretty much alike then, at least to me, and they were all a lot different than cars today. (more…)

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