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My last eleven posts have been about my experience as a counselor at Royal Family Kids Camp last month. RFKC is a camp for foster kids, most of whom have been abused. After hearing what I had to say about it, I thought you’d like to see what the kids have to say about it.



For more information, go to the Royal Family Kids website.

I’m going to Camp: Can a Week Make a Difference? 

Royal Family Kids Camp: Getting Ready for the Kids

Royal Family Kids Camp: What’s In a Kid’s Name? 

Royal Family Kids Camp: Swimming, Activity Centers, and Issues 

Royal Family Kids Camp: Chapel, Dinner, A Meltdown, and More

Royal Family Kids Camp: The Zip-Line

Royal Family Kids Camp: Slip ‘n Slide and Slip and Fall

Royal Family Kids Camp: Say “Yes” to the Dress

Royal Family Kids Camp: Imagination Station

Royal Family Kids Camp: Happy Birthday to Everybody

Royal Family Kids Camp: Princesses in Flip Flops

Providing a Safe Place for the Kids

Comments on: "Listen to What the Kids Say about Royal Family Kids Camp (Video)" (2)

  1. I sit here with tears of joy Linda and I plan on sitting at the table with my checkbook after I am done rejoicing in this camp. Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention. My husband and I were foster parents for years in our young marriage and I know some of the kids we fostered would have benefitted from this camp. Praise God.

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