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Royal Family Kids Camp: Slip ‘n Slide and Slip and Fall | by Linda Brendle

RFKCAfter my triumph on the zip-line, we made a mad dash to the snack cart and then on to the dorm to change and get ready for activity centers. Once everybody was cleaned up, or at least camp clean, the girls grabbed their white t-shirts and headed toward the tie die tent. Judi and I watched from a safe distance as they enthusiastically squirted dye onto the carefully banded fabric. A few errant drops invariably splashed onto the teen helpers, but they didn’t seem to mind. (more…)

Royal Family Kids Camp: The Zip-line | by Linda Brendle


Tuesday was our first full day, and that was an apt description. Most of the counselors got up between 5:30 and 6:30 in order to get ready before the chaos began. We woke our campers around 7:00 and were in the dining hall shortly after 8:00. This was when I realized I needed to get everything that was offered in the serving line. If I didn’t want it, someone else did.

“Miss Linda, are you going to eat your sausages?”

“Miss Linda, can I have your cereal?” (more…)

Royal Family Kids Camp: Chapel, Dinner, a Meltdown, and More | by Linda Brendle

RFKCMonday Evening – A Dinner Meltdown

At dinner it was time for Jane’s issues to show up. She began to droop before Chapel, but she perked up during the praise and worship time. However, by the time she finished eating, she was zoned out, sitting with her hands in her lap, staring into space. When I asked if she was okay, she said she was, but her eyes said otherwise.

“Let’s go over there and sit together for a minute,” I said. (more…)

Royal Family Kids Camp: Swimming, Activity Centers, and Issues

Monday Afternoon – Lunch

The first thing on the agenda after meeting our campers was lunch. Meals can be a bonding experience. We sat with Judi, my counselor buddy, and her girls at our assigned places, and as we joined hands to say grace, I felt connections being made.

Food also raises issues. Sandwiches were on the menu, and Jane cleaned her plate, but Sue didn’t want to eat. The server talked her into taking the bread and the sides, but she pushed them around the plate and nibbled at a potato or two. I wondered if she really wasn’t hungry or if she had underlying issues.


But I wasn’t there to psychoanalyze. I was there to help provide a safe place where the kids could have fun. We found the girls’ luggage and moved them into the dorm. We were supposed to have quiet time next, but swimming was coming up, and we had to check to see if everyone had swimsuits, flip flops, and beach towels. (more…)

Royal Family Kids Camp: What’s In a Kid’s Name | by Linda Brendle

blue-hello-name-tagMonday Morning: Breakfast was omelets with biscuits and gravy. It was almost as if whoever planned the menu knew we were going to need our strength.

After praise and worship and a few more confusing announcements, everyone scattered to make final preparations for the grand arrival. Our little counselor band of six returned to Room #1 to put final touches on the decorations. Around 10:00 a teen helper came running down the hall, shouting the news we had been waiting for. (more…)

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