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Six Suggestions that Will Make the Job Easier

I cared for Mom and Dad for 15 years. They both had physical ailments, but the most challenging issues were mental; Mom had Alzheimer’s and Dad had vascular dementia. Control becomes an issue between caregiver and patient, and my biggest conflict with Dad, aside from when I took his car keys, was when I took control of the medications.

Don’t assume the patient can handle his own medications.

Mom began exhibiting symptoms of dementia long before Dad, and he took pride in caring for her including organizing and dispensing her multiple medications. Some days when I visited she’d be zoned out on the couch looking like a hippy at Woodstock. I assumed it was another symptom, but when I investigated, I was surprised at how disorganized their pills were. There were duplicate medications, unfilled prescriptions, and way too many pain relievers and muscle relaxers.

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