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seniors laughing 2 041712Assuming your Friday is as busy and/or as disorganized as mine, I’ll share one quick story and call it done. This is an oldie, but it still makes me laugh:

A minister was out visiting some of his elderly members, the ones who needed an occasional hand but were too independent to ask for help. He parked in front of Mrs. Smith’s house, and since her car was in the driveway he assumed she was home. But when he knocked, no one came to the door. He was a little concerned since she was a widow and lived alone, but nothing really seemed amiss. He pulled out one of his cards and made a quick note on the back: Revelation 3:20. He stuck the card in the crack of the door and left.

Later, when Mrs. Smith found the card, she looked at the note and scratched her head. She studied her Bible daily, but she couldn’t remember what this verse said. She looked it up and smiled when she read it:

Behold I stand at the door and knock.

Not to be outdone, she did a little research and then picked up the phone and called the church office. When the secretary answered, Mrs. Smith asked if she could leave the minister a message.

“He’s in his office, Mrs. Smith. Would you like to talk with him?”

“No, just give him a message. Tell him I called and that I said Genesis 3:10.”

The secretary was a little confused, but she was used to strange requests from church members. She buzzed the minister on the intercom and passed on the message. He thanked her and sat thoughtfully for a moment before opening his Bible to Genesis. When he read the verse, he laughed out loud. It said:

I heard Your voice in the garden, but I was afraid because I was naked.

I hope your day goes well and is the beginning of a wonderful weekend.



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  1. Job 8:21

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