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Dr. Graves gave me this hot, heavy boot.

Dr. Graves gave me this hot, heavy boot.

Yes, in spite of doctor’s orders to continue to wear my boot except in the house, I went outside wearing two shoes. But I have an explanation – it was David’s fault.

Friday afternoon I heard a noise in the back yard that meant another dead tree was falling victim not only to the draught but also to David’s chain saw.




Picture 001

A few seconds after I snapped this picture, he left the scene and returned with the mower, tied a line around the tree, and pulled.

Picture 007


I thought he was putting tension on the tree so it would fall in the direction he wanted, but that wasn’t the problem. If you look closely, you can see a red spot on the trunk about two feet from the ground. That’s the chain saw that the tree took captive. The steady pressure didn’t work, so he asked me to drive the mower while he worked the saw loose. I didn’t think my Frankenstein boot would work well, so…

 Picture 015

The tree finally released the blade, and a few minutes later it fell gracefully into the creek.

Picture 012





Stump burning to follow.

Picture 014


My ankle seems to have survived the ordeal without trauma.



Victims of the Texas Drought – a Photo Essay| by Linda Brendle

Comments on: "I Ignored Doctor’s Orders and Wore Two Shoes – a Pictorial Confession| by Linda Brendle" (2)

  1. I was afraid you were going to tell us you had injury to the other foot!

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