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I didn’t know much about hospice before Mom died. Hospice was called the year before when Dad had a massive stroke, but he went so quickly that I didn’t learn much about what hospice was about. All I knew was that the hospice nurse called the necessary people to handle the necessary paperwork. I showed my ignorance in a short conversation with her.

“I guess this makes your job a little less heart wrenching, when the patient doesn’t linger for a long time.”

“Oh, no,” she said. “I hate it when they die quickly before I have a chance to get to help them. I worked with a patient recently who, at first, was in so much pain that he couldn’t get out of bed. More than anything he wanted to see his grandson play soccer. We were able to make that happen. Hospice doesn’t help a patient die but rather helps him make the most of the time he has left.”

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Comments on: "Calling In Hospice Is Not Giving Up | by Linda Brendle" (5)

  1. Tell Dave the Edwards family called hospice on bob last week,,,,

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  2. Really great blog. My grandmother died in hospice. She had Alzheimer’s and cancer. It’s really important that caregivers understand that role of hospice and don’t feel any guilt. Thank you for this information. Please check out my blog, too: https://caregivercurio.wordpress.com/. Thanks!

    • Thanks for stopping by and for your nice comment. I agree that anything we can do to lessen the guilt factor. My experience is that, regardless of how good a job a caregiver does, she or he always feels guilty for something. I visited Caregiver Curio and followed. Nice work.

  3. […] Calling In Hospice Is Not Giving Up | by Linda Brendle (lifeaftercaregiving.wordpress.com) […]

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