On caregivers, faith, family, and writing…

I once wrote a post call “Top Ten Reasons Why I Didn’t Write a Blog Today.” I thought about changing the Today in the title to This Week and doing a little bit of author recycling, but I decided against it. I have a new excuse for not posting lately.

If you didn’t catch my last post, I have signed a contract with Anaiah Press, and my memoir titled A LONG AND WINDING ROAD: A Caregiver’s Tale of Life, Love, and Chaos will be released July 1. Since signing on the dotted line, I’ve discovered that publishers ask you to work. In the last few days, I’ve filled out lots of forms: an author questionnaire, a cover wish list, and a publicity questionnaire. They also want a YouTube video and a photo, but those will have to wait until I can get a face lift, or at least a haircut. And there are edits, lots of edits.

I got the first round of developmental edits this week, the first of as many as it takes to get the story and the structure right. Then there will be line edits to fix any spelling and grammar edits. There’s a lot of work to do between now and the April 24 deadline.

After receiving the initial change requests, I gave myself a day or two to process them before I sat down at the keyboard this morning. It wasn’t gut wrenching as I thought it might be, but it was hard work. My work station isn’t exactly ergonomically engineered, and after a couple of hours I needed a break.

Work station

The weather is beautiful today, sunny and 63, so I went outside to see what David was up to. He’s been working on what we call the back 40. A small creek forms the back boundary line of our 2.3 acre homestead, and over this rise a bend in the creek outlines a point of land. Recently, when weather permits, he has been working to clear that point.

Saturday Afternoon Dreams 007

Last year we could barely work our way through the fallen branches and briars to get to the creek, but this year he’s widened the path and is in the process of burning out a nice clearing.

Saturday Afternoon Dreams 004    Saturday Afternoon Dreams 003

There is still a lot of underbrush, but when it’s cleared away, you can actually see the water. Granted, it’s only about two inches of thin mud at the bottom of a 10-15 foot creek bed, but it’s water nonetheless.

Saturday Afternoon Dreams 002    Saturday Afternoon Dreams 006

The site has some natural amenities. It’s secluded and, although you can hear the traffic from Highway 19, you can’t see the county road in front of our house. It’s relatively flat, and it has a natural seating area thanks to a tree that fell across from the other side.

Saturday Afternoon Dreams 005

This is where I sat with David while he was taking a break, and we daydreamed a bit. You might think I talked about release parties, blog tours, book signings, and the things that new authors dream about, but I left all that in the house with the computer. We talked about what a nice spot this would be for a deck with a table and a couple of chairs and maybe a pergola to give a little shelter from the Texas sun. It would be a great place to sit and relax with a tall glass of iced tea and a new book by a new author. Well, maybe I didn’t leave all my writer’s dreams in the house.




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