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onion setsI planted onions for the first time last year, but they didn’t do all that well. I checked the Texas A&M website, and it said in the zone where I live to plant them between February 1 and March 1. Since it seems I’m always a little behind schedule, it was well into March before I got them in the ground.

I started with bulbs rather than plant sets, and all of them came up. I had nice green tops, but the onions themselves didn’t develop very Gopherwell. My resident gopher didn’t help. When his continuous raids on my garlic forced me to harvest early, he turned his attentions to the onions. Once again, I harvested early to save what was left of my small crop. Small was the operative word. Most of the onions were tasty but less than an inch or two in diameter.

This year I have another chance. A couple of weeks ago a friend at the Senior Center came to lunch bearing gifts. She had purchased two bunches of onions sets – one red and one white – and since there were more than she could plant in her small backyard garden, she shared. I brought some home and set them on the island in the kitchen. They’re still there. David asks frequently if I’ve planted my onions yet, and my friend at the Center has asked the same thing a time or two.

As if that weren’t enough, a friend at church greeted me last week with this question: Have you got your onions in yet? I almost expect to hear a tiny knock on the door and to find that it’s the gopher wanting to know where the onions are to go with the garlic I planted last fall. It’s barely above freezing outside, and it’s still January, but it seems that I’m already behind.



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