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My church family suffered a tragic loss Sunday morning when one of our members, the thirty-one-year-old mother of three, died suddenly. Her death was so unexpected that she and her husband were listed in the bulletins as the greeters for the day. This week has been a time of grieving, reaching out to each other, and asking Why?

Today we gathered at the church to say our formal goodbyes. We served lunch to the family, offering what comfort we could by meeting a physical need. Then, we moved to the sanctuary for the memorial service. The back of the room was filled with extra chairs. More chairs spilled out into the foyer, and people who couldn’t find a seat lined up around the walls. We listened to eulogies and songs, and we watched a video celebrating a life that ended too soon. Then, the Pastor turned to the book of Job and spoke about how Job suffered great loss and wanted to know why. God never answered Job’s question, but Job came away from the experience with a personal understanding of a holy God. Centuries later, God Himself suffered in the person of His son Jesus for the remission of our sins. We don’t understand why a holy God would do such a thing, but when we have an encounter with Jesus, we come away with a personal understanding of a loving God.

We still don’t know why a young woman died in the prime of her life when it seemed like she had so much left to offer. All we can do when we don’t understand is bow the knee in the presence of a holy and loving God who understands our sufferings because He has suffered, too.



Comments on: "When You Don’t Understand, Bow the Knee | by Linda Brendle" (7)

  1. Nicely put, Linda. Prayers for her family, for you, and for your whole church family as you grieve.

  2. Reblogged this on agirlsfamilyheritage and commented:
    Thanks to my friend, Linda Bendle, for words and music that are solid and tender in our time of loss.

  3. Good solid yet tender words and music for all of us as we process a time of loss what seems so untimely and sad to us.

  4. Thank you for visiting my blog today. I’m so sorry to hear of the loss of this young mother. We want so much to understand the ‘whys’, but so often they may not be known to us this side of heaven. We had a devastating loss in my extended family about a year ago, and I find I still have to remind myself that His ways are not my ways, that I only see in part what God sees in full. That’s a beautiful song…thanks for sharing. I’ve added you to my bloglovin reader and will be following along with your A-Z.

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