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The Next StepThe progress is still slow in the quest to remove wheat from our diet, but there is progress nonetheless. In my last update, I mentioned that I found both whole and ground flaxseed at the local Food Mart. A few days ago I found coconut oil and a rice-based baking mix at the local Brookshire’s. Purists will say that the processed rice flour is as bad as wheat flour, but I’m too new at this to be a purist.

I’m still in the process of using up the wheat products I have on hand, and that has resulted in some unusual meals. Last night we had grilled cheese sandwiches on the last two hamburger buns. I’m trying to plan more meals that seem somewhat complete without bread. I also made some flaxseed crackers to go with soup, so it may be a while before the frozen biscuits and rolls are gone.

The flaxseed crackers turned out pretty well. We like the flavor, but they aren’t crisp, and the texture is heavier than most crackers. The recipe said to line the pan with baking parchment, but I didn’t have any. I used waxed paper instead, and that may have caused the crackers to retain more moisture than normal. I bought some parchment, and next time around, I may increase the baking time a bit. Maybe that will make a difference.

Stories and advice continue to come in from friends and even from friends I didn’t know I had. I’ve developed an impressive list of products and reading material, and I’m planning a shopping trip to one of the surrounding Wal-Marts this week.

In addition to stories and advice, some friends are offering support of another kind. I write a column for the local newspaper called City Girl, and I’ve been submitting my Wheat Belly articles. Last week at the Senior Center, one of my friends who had obviously read my column, called out to me as I walked by her with my lunch tray.

“Hey, Linda. Are you supposed to be eating that?”

I’ve written articles about the danger of knowing a writer. It’s also dangerous to be a writer, especially if you lay your personal life out for the world to see. That’s okay, though. The scrutiny of my friends keeps me honest and accountable. Hopefully, I’ll have some results to report to you soon.



Coming July 1:

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