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CrowdScribedAuthors, how would you like to win a $5,000 publishing package and an opportunity to be mentored by one of several bestselling authors? I recently received an email from my son Christian, who is the Director of Acquisitions and Author Development at CrowdScribed, telling me about an opportunity to do just that.

CrowdScribed is a new platform created to rebuild the relationship between authors and readers by providing authors a legitimate platform to market and fund their books before they’re published and, at the same time, providing readers a method to discover new books and interact with authors. Their mission is to make a revolutionary change in the publishing industry.

Because of the multifaceted crisis being experienced by the traditional publishers, authors lack compelling ways to approach them. Many opt for self-publishing platforms, but quality is often compromised, and many good authors are lost in the sea of titles now available. CrowdScribed believes the power to solve this crisis is in the hands of the readers; specifically, in the relationship between authors and readers. The CrowdScribed community is now the conduit for readers to join in dialogue with authors, creating an environment of discovery and transaction of ideas while simultaneously giving publishers a chance to preview a budding bestseller.

As a way of introducing authors to their community, CrowdScribed is offering an Author Challenge. Participants compete for a $5,000

Christian Piatt

Christian Piatt

CrowdScribed publishing package and the opportunity to be mentored by one of several bestselling authors, including Jerry Jenkins, Frank Schaeffer and Mark Sanborn. There will be one winner per mentor, and winners are determined by who gets the most “Book It” votes during their book campaign. Each voter can vote once per day for each of their favorite titles at no charge. If they wish, they can also cast a vote which is effectively a pre-order for a favorite book if and when it is published.

If you are interested in participating in the challenge or in learning more about CrowdScribed, click the link below and submit samples from your manuscript:


You can also contact Christian Piatt at Christian.piatt@crowdscribed.com if you have questions about how it all works.




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