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How likely are you or your loved ones to develop Alzheimer’s? Kevin Woo gives some chilling statistics on that questions, and he also tells why it is so important to raise awareness about this insidious disease.

Alzheimer's Speaks Blog

By Kevin Woo for Alzheimer’s Speaks

A few months ago my mother died from Alzheimer’s. She suffered from the disease for more than a quarter century. While her passing was not a surprise, you can never really prepare yourself for the inevitable.

Over the years I spent hours asking the question, “Why mom?”

Last month the Alzheimer’s Association released a report that helped put things in perspective. The report estimated that 1-in-6 women, age 65 or older, are likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease compared with 1-in-11 for men of the same age.

The real news from the report was this: “Women in their 60s are twice as likely to develop Alzheimer’s over the rest of their lives as they are to developing breast cancer.” Think of all the awareness and money that’s allocated by the government or donated to finding a cure for breast cancer. Is the same amount earmarked…

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Comments on: "A few months ago my mother died from Alzheimer’s" (2)

  1. Linda, so thankful for you and everyone who is spreading the word about finding a cure for Alzheimer’s. I was shocked when I learned how little is going to fund research for this disease. I was amazed when we brought mom into our home how little help was available. And had more than one nurse say “if she had cancer, there would be a lot more resources available to you.” Good grief.

    • Lisa, it scares me when I realize how little attention is paid to a disease that threatens to be a world-wide epidemic in the next decade or two as Baby Boomers reach their 70s and 80s. Not only will there not be enough funds to pay for their care, but there will not be enough people to care for them. I’m not much of an activist, but hopefully raising awareness will help.

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