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Caregiving hands with scripture


My Aunt Fay was a caregiver for many years, and one afternoon when she was sharing some of her wisdom with me, she said this about the elderly:

People say caring for the elderly is like raising kids, but it’s really not. Old people aren’t cute, and they know less all the time instead of more. Sometimes they smell bad, and they’re hard to get along with, and people don’t want to be around them. I think Jesus was talking about the elderly when He talked about the least of these.

As Mom’s Alzheimer’s took its toll, my list of jobs grew, and one of the jobs I added was clipping her toenails. It wasn’t my favorite job, but as I sat on the floor at Mom’s feet, I often thought of Jesus with a towel wrapped around His waist, kneeling at the feet of His disciples. I also thought about the fact that Mom’s life was getting smaller all the time. I knew that if she needed her toenails clipped, it was the least I could do.



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Comments on: "Bible Verses for Caregivers – The Least of These" (2)

  1. MRS N, the Author said:

    Oh Linda, I think your Aunt Fay was right. I truly believe that all caregivers will be given a crown in Heaven! *hugs* What a beautiful blog post! 🙂

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