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Freaky Frank Cover

About the Book:

In many ways, Frank Fratello is a typical teen. He plays baseball, hangs out with his friends at the mall and gets in trouble at home. But there’s something very different about this sixth-grader—he can read minds. And reading minds can cause problems. Like when Frank says what someone is thinking before they say it. Or answers a question before they ask it. 

Despite being telepathic, Frank must deal with everyday middle school life, which includes battling a bully who hates him. Nasty Nate and his flunkies live to get others in trouble—especially Frank.

But Frank and his friends aren’t giving up. There has to be some way to bring Nasty Nate down. They just have to find it.

My Review:

Nice guys do win–especially when they can read your mind.

Freaky Frank, a middle grade novel by Buffy Andrews, is a fun story that appeals to a wide range of readers. The humor is just gross enough to engage a sixth-grade boy without making his grandmother put the book down in disgust. Instead, both will snicker and sometimes laugh out loud at the antics and adventures of Frank, a normal twelve-year-old mind reader. Andrews delivers a life lesson while drawing her readers into an entertaining story in which the little guys win and the bullies get what’s coming to them.

Andrews is a multi-faceted author who writes in many genres. Inside her books, the reader will always find realistic characters that come to life in stories that are finished all too soon.

About the Author:

Buffy Andrews is an author, blogger, journalist and social media maven.

By day she’s a journalist, leading an award-winning staff at the York Daily Record/Sunday News, where she is Assistant Managing Editor of Features and Niche Publications and social media coordinator.

Find Buffy at Buffy’s Write Zone  and Author Buffy Andrews.

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  1. MRS N, the Author said:

    Sounds like a great read! 🙂

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