On caregivers, faith, family, and writing…

Read the first chapter of Robert Springer’s “Bound by Blood,” and you’ll want to read the whole book when it’s released September 23!

Anaiah Press


Available September 23, 2014

Chapter One

Rick Mercado stood in the doorway, his mouth dry with nerves. He forced an easy breath and settled his focus on the man behind the desk, searching his eyes.

The man rocked back in his chair and gave a satisfied smile. He was bald on top with on the sides. His hand swept the room, inviting inspection. “This is it,” he said.

Rick scanned the small office as directed: Cluttered desk, leather high-back chair, a window shaded with plastic louvers, everything a little dusty. “It’s very nice.”

The man puffed out his chest. “Oh, it’s not much, but it works.”

Rick’s lips twitched up toward a smile.

“I built this company on my own, you know. No silver spoon.”

“Yes, I know,” Rick said. Ben was a self-made man. He had mentioned this several times during the employment interview, which had been coffee at…

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