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Write without waiting

In the 1970s, Bruce Jay Friedman wrote a play called Steambath. The basic plot is that God, in the guise of a Puerta Rican steambath attendant, brings people who have died to a kind of holding place in order to help them work through issues that were left unresolved on earth. In 1973, the play was produced for PBS, and Bill Bixby played one of the main characters named Tandy. At first, Tandy refuses to accept what has happened to him. Once he does, he lobbies to be allowed to return to his life in order to complete his many ambitions, one of which is to write a biography of Charlemagne. As the play progresses, it becomes obvious that said biography is nothing more than an idea that Tandy drags out at cocktail parties and after-life steambath gatherings.

How often have you heard — or said — “I’m going to write a novel as soon as…” If you have the desire, the compulsion, the need to write, don’t wait for a “fit time or place.” Just take pen in hand, or sit down at the keyboard, and write.



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Comments on: "Want To Be a Writer? Just Do It! | by Linda Brendle" (2)

  1. Thanks Linda for the encouragement and gentle reminder to ‘just-do-it’…I am heading to New Orleans to write and I’m quite excited about it!

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