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Getting in trouble is a choice–or is it?

Will is a twelve-year-old boy who, in spite of his best efforts, is always in trouble. When his mouth and his reputation get him into more trouble than usual, his loyal friends rally around to help prove his innocence.

Will, Middle Name Trouble is Buffy Andrews second middle grade novel with MuseItUp Publishing, and once again she tells an entertaining story with a message. Young readers of all ages will laugh as Will gets himself into and out of trouble, and they will learn several life lessons in the process. First, Andrews shows that each person, no matter how perfect his or her life might seem, has insecurities and problems. In addition, her story reveals that people aren’t always who we think they are. Finally, her characters learn that the choices we make determine what kind of person we become.

Andrews is a multi-talented writer who has published books of many types. Regardless of the genre, however, her characters are always realistic and loveable, and her stories are finished before the reader is ready to stop.

About the Book:

Sometimes we find more than we’re looking for…

Will Moran is always getting into trouble. But this time, Will, who cleans and cooks and takes care of his younger twin sisters while his mom works, didn’t do it.

Will’s class is collecting donations to benefit the local soup kitchen. Every time his teacher catches Will earning a buck from a bet, it ends up in the donation can. When the money goes missing, Will’s the prime suspect. After all, most of the money came from him.

Will and his eclectic group of friends set out to find the thief and prove his innocence, but they end up finding so much more.

About the Author:

BuffyBuffy Andrews is an author, blogger, journalist and social media maven.

By day she’s a journalist, leading an award-winning staff at the York Daily Record/Sunday News, where she is Assistant Managing Editor of Features and Niche Publications and social media coordinator.

Find Buffy at Buffy’s Write Zone and Author Buffy Andrews 

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