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todochaseEven though I’m retired, my life is somewhat structured, and most of my days have at least a loose schedule. It usually looks something like this: quiet time, breakfast, shower, personal work or part-time secretarial work at the church, lunch at the Senior Center, more church work or back home for house or yard work. There’s lots of room for variation, but it keeps me more or less focused.

The Friday after Thanksgiving was an unusual day. There were no scheduled activities since both the church and the Senior Center were closed. I had written and scheduled my blog posts ahead of time, so I had no deadlines until Sunday. The refrigerator was full of leftovers from the day before, I didn’t plan to participate in Black Friday, and there was nothing around the house that couldn’t wait until Saturday, so I had a more or less free day.

I use a daily Bible Reading calendar as the guide for my morning reading. Sometimes I get a few days behind, especially during a holiday week that throws me a bit out of focus. Friday seemed like a perfect day to get caught up.

Just as I settled into my comfortable chair with my Bible-on-a-tablet, my phone reminded me that I needed to share updates. One of my secretarial duties is to post event reminders and updates on the church’s Facebook page. I didn’t want to post earlier in the week, so I had saved this week’s updates and set the alarm. I put aside my Kindle and turned on my laptop.

Sometimes my computer is cranky in the morning, and Friday was one of those times. I clicked and pleaded, but the curser continued to spin. I admitted defeat and started the scans that would clean out all the cybertrash that clogs up the works. This process takes a while, so I went into the kitchen to start the coffee and set out cereal for breakfast.

For the next hour or so, my free, unscheduled day went something like this:

  • The dishes in the dishwasher were clean, so I set the table from there and made a mental note to finish the job later.
  • I ate breakfast and then settled down in the living room with a cup of coffee and my Kindle.
  • After I read two chapters of Hebrews, I headed for the bathroom to take my morning vitamins.
  • On the way, I stopped in the kitchen to leave my empty cup but decided to have a second cup instead. I returned to my chair and noticed that my computer had completed the scans and restarted.
  • I surfed a bit while I drank my coffee, then I went back to the kitchen where I finished unloading and reloading the dishwasher.
  • The absorbent mat on the counter was dirty, so I gather it and enough towels to make a load and went to the utility room.
  • Once the towels were in the washing machine, I picked up an empty cereal box David had missed when he took out the trash. I waded through several inches of dead leaves to get to the trash barrel–then, I grabbed the broom and swept the porch.
  • When I was putting the broom away, I checked out the shelves against the wall. If I collected and hung the plastic bags I can’t seem to throw away, I’d have space to store the empty canning jars that had been sitting on the kitchen counter.
  • I was headed to the front bedroom to look for a picture hook when I noticed some wool socks I had hung over the shower curtain rod to dry.
  • I grabbed the socks, found the hook, and dropped the socks on my bed.
  • I returned to the utility room, mounted the bags, straightened the shelf, and put the jars in place.
  • I headed toward the bathroom, but on the way, I noticed the socks and put them away.
  • Then, I brushed my teeth, took my pills, and returned to the computer where I posted the church updates. It was 11:00 am, and I was still behind in my Bible reading.



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Comments on: "What Happens When I Don’t Have a Schedule | by Linda Brendle" (6)

  1. On days with “nothing” to do, my life, too, becomes a series of “but first”s. Oh how I can relate!! You at least got those tasks done. It seems that mine goes like this: I get one thing started, but first I need to do B, but first I should do C, but first I’ll do D, but it would be best if first I did E . . . and A, B, C, D & E often don’t get completed!! At the end of the day I’m exhausted, with nothing to show for my efforts! 🙂

  2. I don’t know why, but I absolutely adored this addition: “When I was putting the broom away, I checked out the shelves against the wall. If I collected and hung the plastic bags I can’t seem to throw away, I’d have space to store the empty canning jars that had been sitting on the kitchen counter.”

    I fold all of my plastic bags and store them in empty trash bag boxes. If they have holes in the bottom, they get put in a separate, less tidy (read: disaster) drawer.

    If I don’t make myself a schedule, I spend the whole day doing little OCD tasks. LOL

    Great post! 😀

    • Thank you. I’m getting to the point where I throw away the bags with holes–but the others are follded/rolled into long “ropes” that are coiled into little spiral balls just like my mother-in-law did. The problem is that I acquire bags more quickly than I use them! Argh! 😜😘

      • Get a cat. They make excellent litter disposal bags. If you’re as OCD about any new clumps as I am, you’ll fly right on through ’em. (EWWWW!)

      • We had a cat hanging around here a few days ago who really wanted to be adopted, but David’s not much into pets, and I’m more of a dog person than a cat person. I guess I’ll have to find some other use for my plastic bags! 😉

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