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Linda nappingI’m feeling a little old lately. Sunday afternoon I even dozed off for a few minutes during the football game. Not for long, though, because I woke up when I heard David snapping a picture of me, a photo that ended up on Facebook. There was a time when a person could grab a few winks on a Sunday afternoon without being harassed by the paparazzi, but at least I had my mouth closed.

One reason I’m feeling a bit on the elderly side is strictly physical. Saturday I worked in the garden for a few hours, and my body was a little mad at me over the weekend. I felt fine as long as I was sitting still, but every time I sat or stood or otherwise shifted positions, those muscles that I hadn’t used in a couple of months protested rather vigorously.

Aside from the physical, there are other reasons I’m feeling my age. For one thing, our granddaughter just had her 6th birthday. We couldn’t go to Oregon to celebrate, but we had a Face Time conversation with her. She is so grown up that I had visions of her in a cap and gown and maybe even a wedding dress, and I sighed as I envisioned the years flying by.

As if that weren’t enough, our son has been complaining about his advancing age. He’s a young 43, but he was recently shocked when he was offered a senior discount at the grocery store. His fading youth was further insulted when his eye doctor prescribed bifocals. He tried to soften the blow by calling them transitional lenses, but the damage was done. He and I both felt the years piling up.

All of this was bad, but the thing that has made me feel the oldest is an email I received last week announcing plans for a high school class reunion – the 50th. Yes, it has been fifty years since I donned my own cap and gown and celebrated the successful completion of twelve years of education. My class is not very active, so our last reunion was thirty years ago. However, thanks to the Internet and social media, no one will expect us to be as young and beautiful as we were then. This time, instead of comparing careers and children, we’ll probably be competing to see who has had the most joints replaced and whose grandchildren are superior. It will be fun to reminisce and reconnect, but the coming event adds to my feelings of advancing age.

It’s not all bad, though. As for the physical aches and pains, a few pain pills and a hot shower or two made me feel normal again. When it comes to my aging son and my growing grandchildren, I’m in reasonably good health, and with the Good Lord’s help, I’ll have the privilege of celebrating many important life events with them. The reunion? I still have mixed feelings, but I’ll probably go, and I’ll probably enjoy it. After all, my grandchildren are definitely the most beautiful and the most brilliant.



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Comments on: "Feeling Old | by Linda Brendle" (4)

  1. MRS N, the Author said:

    LOL! Paparazzi indeed! You look lovely and I know you just overworked your muscles in your beautiful garden over the weekend. 🙂 I laughed at the last few lines! Have fun at your reunion. You can also boast to being a published author too! 🙂

    • Lovely? You are too kind! 🙂 You’re right about the overworked muscles, and you’re probably right about the boasting, too. I’m sure I’ll find an opportunity or two to mention my book!

  2. I too feel the aches of the ageing process at times but then I realize that in His glory I won’t even remember it. As for the grandkids I hear you loud and clear. They are God’s greatest blessing.

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