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CoverAs promised yesterday, I’m posting the first of two reviews intended to spark interest in apologetics, or learning exactly what it is you believe and why. postChristian: What’s Left? Can We Fix It? Do We Care?  was written by Christian Piatt who describes himself as an author, speaker, antagonist, and God nerd. The book is an in-depth look into the decline of institutional religion and what might lie ahead for Christianity.

Structured in a problem/solution format, the book offers alternating chapters featuring Christian scandals,

Christian Piatt

Christian Piatt

loosely based on the “seven deadly sins,” followed by Christ-like virtues. The author writes in a way that at times made me want to sit back and say “Word” – which I think is the current equivalent to “Right on, man” – while at other times I scratched my head and thought, now what exactly did he mean by that? His scholarly citations sometimes challenged my lazy intellectualism, but his conversational style, contemporary references, and personal stories clarified his point and answered many questions.

I didn’t agree with everything he wrote. If you read my article on Sound-Bite Theology, you probably realize that Christian Piatt is my son, and that he and I don’t always see eye to eye, especially when it comes to theology. However, I don’t believe the point of this book is to try and win people over to a certain point of view. Piatt is simply pointing out what he sees as possibly fatal flaws in the existing religious establishments, suggesting what he sees as some possible solutions, and encouraging the reader to set out on his or her own journey of spiritual discovery.

When I first began reading Christian’s book, I made notes – lots of notes – about things I agreed with, things I disagreed with, and questions I had. Then, when I sat down to write this review, I struggled with how to condense what I felt about the book into a readable length. As often happens in this tech-savvy world, I found the answer on Facebook. Christian has been on a speaking and promotional tour for postChristian, and he recently posted a comment from someone in one of his audiences.

“You made me uncomfortable, restless and even kinda itchy. And I needed it”

When you read postChristian, you may nod your head in agreement, or you may pound the arm of your chair in disagreement, but you won’t be neutral. It will make you restlessly consider what it is you really believe, and hopefully it will make you “kinda itchy” to find out why you really believe it. We all need that.



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