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Lessons from the Storm | by Linda Brendle

Thankfully, our fallen limbs weren't nearly this big.

Thankfully, our fallen limbs weren’t nearly this big…

Friday night’s storm left its mark on the Brendle homestead. When we looked out the windows Saturday morning, we saw several fallen limbs and more standing water than most Texas homeowners see unless a water line has sprung a leak. After breakfast, David went to check out the damage. A few minutes later he stuck his head in the front door. (more…)

Ten ways to know you’re getting older | by Linda Brendle

100_year_old_woman_birthday_cakeThe most obvious way to know you’re getting older is to have another birthday. I had one a couple of  weeks ago, and since it was impossible to ignore the event, I decided to embrace it in typical blogger fashion. Following are ten additional ways to know you are getting older. (more…)

Book Review: Ella’s Rain by Buffy Andrews

CoverEllas’ Rain by Buffy Andrews is the story of a teenager who has experienced a lot of loss in her life. The story begins after Grandma Dorothy’s funeral when Ella leaves the home she shared with her Grandma to move in with Maddie, Dorothy’s best friend. Equipped with a lifetime of wisdom contained in the year’s worth of notes left by Grandma, Ella comes to terms with her grief and learns to live life without fear. (more…)

Double chin or “Smartphone Face”? | by Linda Brendle

double-chin-fatSince I’ve passed the age of Medicare eligibility, I avoid mirrors as much as possible. I don’t wear much make-up anymore. I hate the paste of foundation and powder that collects in the little lines that run from the sides of my nose to the corners of my mouth. On those rare occasions when I do put on a little bit of blush or lipstick, or when I style my hair, I focus on the area I’m working on and try to avoid looking at the rest. (more…)

Bugs – Betcha Can’t Eat Just One

CricketsPeople sometimes give me ideas for blog posts, but unless I can come up with my own twist on a subject, I have trouble using these contributions. However, there’s always the exception. A couple of weeks ago at the Senior Center, my friend Billy handed me an item he had clipped from a magazine. I don’t know which magazine, but the item was a question from a column called Ask Dr. Bob. (more…)

Granddaughters, Broken Hearts, and Good Friday | by Linda Brendle

Broken HeartMy granddaughter Zoe spends more time thinking about spiritual matters then the typical six year old, but having a mother who is a minister and a father who is a Christian author has informed her theology at a young age. Three years ago, when asked what God looks like, she answered, She has a big, beautiful face.  She also announced that Jesus likes birthday parties, and after a Good Friday service she said that her heart broke into two pieces for Jesus. I hated the thought of her feeling so sad, but the fact is that broken hearts are a part of life. (more…)

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