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CricketsPeople sometimes give me ideas for blog posts, but unless I can come up with my own twist on a subject, I have trouble using these contributions. However, there’s always the exception. A couple of weeks ago at the Senior Center, my friend Billy handed me an item he had clipped from a magazine. I don’t know which magazine, but the item was a question from a column called Ask Dr. Bob.

I keep hearing about foods made with crickets. Are they actually good for you?

My answer would have been, “That’s just gross!”

Dr. Bob was a little more diplomatic. He said that whole crickets provide tasty snacks and that cricket flour is a greater source of protein than traditional foods. Bob went on to say that he bought crickets in open-air markets while he was on assignment in Darfur, Sudan. He said they have a nutty taste. He also said that, although crickets are not yet easily available, he predicts they will eventually offer a “great, eco-friendly option.”  I think I’ll have to take his word on that.

Billy, on the other hand, seemed more than willing to consider the option. He asked me to research where he might purchase some of the crunchy crawlers. I assumed he wanted them for his own consumption, but judging by the twinkle in his eye, he might have some more mischievous purpose in mind.

The Internet revealed a few options. There were Crick-ettes Snacks, available in three tasty flavors: sour cream and onion,Crick-ettes bacon and cheese, and salt and vinegar. Chocoholics can also buy chocolate covered crickets. I love chocolate, and the covering might disguise what is hiding underneath. Still, probably not.

I found a couple of sources for cricket flour, but it’s really expensive. I also came across several resources for energy bars made with the flour. I haven’t had a chance to talk with Billy yet. It will be interesting to see if he can, as Dr. Bob says, get past the “eww” factor.



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