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Mass Shooters: Are they shouting, “Look at me?”

Everyone-look-at-meOn June 17, a 21-year-old man shot and killed nine people during a Bible study at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina. His website consists of white supremacist diatribes and apparently features a picture in which he is posing with a handgun in front of a Confederate flag. It has been reported that he shouted racial slurs during the attack and that he later told police that his purpose was to start a race war. One account said he almost didn’t go through with the attack because the victims were so nice to him. I couldn’t help but wonder what circumstances in his twenty-one years might have prevented the attack altogether. (more…)

Yes, we’re hooked | by Linda Brendle

Pretty Kitty 062015Last week I wrote about the kitten we had adopted a few days before, or more accurately, the kitten who had adopted us. I ended by saying she had managed to climb the first two of six steps to our back porch, and I wondered how long it would take her to make it all the way up and, from there, into the house. It didn’t take long. (more…)

Taking In Strays | by Linda Brendle

Kitty 061515June is Adopt a Cat Month – so we did. Truthfully, I’m not sure who adopted who, but I’m getting ahead of my story.

Last week David and I were working in the back yard when I heard a noise I didn’t recognize. My country education has progressed to the point that I can identify the barking of a squirrel and the cry of a hawk, but this sound was a new one.

“David, is that a bird of some kind, or is there a cat around here somewhere?” (more…)

A Walk Down Memory Lane – 21st Century Style | by Linda Brendle

Locked doorsDavid and I had an unexpected and really fun date night last week. It was unexpected first, because it happened Saturday morning, and second, because we thought we were going to meet some of our Senior Center friends at a local church for their monthly breakfast. There had been a change of schedule, though, and we didn’t get the memo. When we arrived, the parking lot was empty and the doors were closed and locked. (more…)

My Next Book | by Linda Brendle

mystery-title-bookFor those who have asked if there is another book in my future, here’s the most recent report. I completed my latest manuscript last week, and it is now in the query process. That’s author talk meaning the manuscript has been sent to industry professionals with a note asking “What do you think?” Keep watching for breaking news.

Thanks for reading.



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A very special graduate – and Grandpa’s nerd | by Linda Brendle

I first published this post three years ago, but I have revised and updated it in honor of Kyle’s achievement.

Kyles graduationKyle Robinson graduated from high school a couple of weeks ago. Achieving that milestone is remarkable under the best of circumstances, but Kyle has not faced the best of circumstances in his life.

Kyle is my grand nephew, the grandson of my brother Jim. He was born on September 24, 1996 – a beautiful baby boy with big expressive eyes – and then the seizures began. For the next several years, the doctors examined and tested, trying to discover what synapses were misfiring or what signals were getting crossed in that little head. They finally agreed that Kyle had cerebral palsy and would spend his life trapped inside a body that refused to respond to his commands. (more…)

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