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CoverPig and Sheep Mike Breen is a delightful picture book that will entertain children of all ages while offering a message of grace and hope. Little Pig is happy living in the grand pigsty, eating slops and playing in the mud, until he sees the sheep on the beautiful, green hillside under the loving care of the Shepherd. He longs to share their peaceful life, but he doesn’t believe it is possible. Imagine his delight when the Shepherd performs a “heart transplant” and makes him one of his own. Little Pig is happy in his new life, but one day temptation gets the better of him, and he ends up back in the gooey garbage of the pigsty. Even then, the Shepherd seeks him out, cleans him up, and restores him to the flock.

I don’t have children or grandchildren at home, but I shared this book with the ladies in my weekly Bible study. Our group leader read the story aloud as we gathered around and looked over her shoulder. We giggled and pointed at the playful illustrations by Blake Berg, finding a new favorite on each page. I loved the rubber ducky that appeared on every page, but my absolute favorite illustration is of Little Pig proudly blow drying his newly sprouted – and somewhat sparse – coat of sheep’s wool.

Breen and Berg have produced a parable that teaches without preaching, a story that speaks of redemption and sanctification without using churchy words. Pig and Sheep will become a favorite in Sunday schools, at bedtimes, and in the hearts of children, teachers, parents, and grandparents everywhere.

About the Author:

author_mBreenMike and his wife Sally live in South Carolina where they founded 3DM, a movement/organization which has now spread to five continents, training thousands of leaders and churches in how to move to a discipling culture and missional mindset. Today Mike and Sally continue to invest in leaders of movements around the world, writing and speaking on a variety of subjects. Mike has authored numerous bestselling books, most notably Building a Discipling Culture and Family on Mission.




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