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Free Kitties Aren’t Free | by Linda Brendle


Kitty is definitely getting her winter coat – and yes, she is in the house – but that’s a story for another post.

Published in the Rains County Leader on November 24, 2015:

The Rains County Friends of the Library invited me to come to their monthly meeting and talk a bit about both my book and about writing a newspaper column. In answer to how I deal with a weekly deadline, I told them that some weeks I stare at a blank screen and wonder how I’ll come up with 800 words, give or take a few. Other weeks life gives me more ideas than I can use. This was one of those weeks with lots of ideas, but I finally decided it was time for another Kitty story. (more…)

Advent is a season of love | by Linda Brendle

AdventLovePublished in the Rains County Leader on December 22, 2015:

The last three weeks, I’ve written about the season of Advent – more specifically about the meaning of the candles in the Advent wreath. The first three candles represent hope, peace, and joy. On the fourth Sunday of Advent, the Candle of Love is lit. (more…)

Getting off the Interstate | by Linda Brendle

Published in the Rains County Leader on November 17, 2015:


David and I spent almost the entire month of October on the road. We left home on October 2 and returned over six thousand miles later on October 29. The main destination as far as I was concerned was Beaverton, Oregon, a suburb of Portland where my two amazing grandchildren live. Their parents live there, too, but the grands were the main attraction.


Advent is a season of joy. | by Linda Brendle

Advent JoyPublished in the Rains County Leader on December 15, 2015:

The third candle of the Advent Wreath is called the Candle of Joy. Much of the joy of the Christmas season is connected with children. There is nothing quite so joyful as the eyes of a child who has just caught a glimpse of the gifts under the tree on Christmas morning – nothing, that is, except the eyes of a parent or grandparent who is sharing Christmas with his or her child or grandchild for the first time. The joy of Christmas is multiplied many times when children come into the home. (more…)

Advent is a season of peace. | by Linda Brendle

AdventPeacePublished in the Rains County Leader on December 8, 2015:

Last week I wrote about Advent, the season celebrated by the Christian church that includes the four Sundays preceding Christmas. On the first Sunday, the Candle of Hope is lit. The second Sunday is celebrated with the Candle of Peace. (more…)

Advent is a season of hope | by Linda Brendle

Advent means hopePublished in the Rains County Leader on December 1, 2015:

Advent is the first season on the Christian Calendar, leading up to Christmas and including the four preceding Sundays. Advent began this past Sunday. The church I grew up in didn’t follow the church calendar, so I didn’t know about Advent until I married Christian’s father and joined an Episcopal Church. That church included Advent candles in their Christmas decorations, but I still didn’t know much about the significance. I knew there were four candles, one for each Sunday, and a center candle called the Christ Candle that was lit on Christmas Day. That was the extent of my understanding. Still, when I saw a pretty Advent wreath centerpiece while I was shopping for decorations, the wreath became one of our Christmas traditions. (more…)

The ladies of the Order of the Pink Ribbon

Pink RibbonPublished in the Rains County Leader on November 10, 2015:

Last week I talked about all the “national” months, weeks, and days that are on the American calendar. Specifically, I mentioned that November is National Family Caregiver Month and National Novel Writing Month. One very important month I didn’t mention is October, which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Some of the months are pretty low key or have limited media appeal, but with all the special events and promotions, it’s hard to miss this month, especially when 300 pound linebackers wear pink socks. (more…)

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