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The Cold Room Cover

Blurb: Recreating yourself in a new place can be a dream come true for most teens. Doing so out of duty to a dying race is a different story. Wren Hemsky would have been satisfied just being her shy, reclusive self when her father moved their family to a small farm town in the Midwest. The inherited farm holds dark family secrets that awakens a new reality in the seventeen year-old Wren. Her yearning for truth is hindered when she is pursued by a bully, who is obsessed with her. To add to her new complicated life, she must balance her brother, David, who is normally controlled by medication. The pressure intensifies as Wren falls for the egocentric and reclusive Arden, who may hold the answers she is looking for. Arden is dark and unlike normal humans, causing Wren’s quiet life to come to a screeching halt. Wren must battle a tyrant while falling for a strange boy, forgive and seek help from an angry brother all while uncovering a secret that may prove her the most monstrous of them all.

Review: Reading The Cold Room by Carolyn Filetti was an unusual experience for me. I haven’t read any fantasy since David and I decided to re-read The Chronicles of Narnia about ten years ago. However, the cliché about old dogs and new tricks turned out to be wrong in this case. Once I switched my mindset away from the mysteries I usually favor, I thoroughly enjoyed my excursion into Filetti’s fantasy world – a world populated with Gypsies and other-worldly beings that will have you checking the eyes of your friends, just to make sure they haven’t turned black or red.

Filetti writes in a way that is easy to read and hard to forget. Her vivid descriptions leave pictures in the reader’s mind long after the story is finished – pictures of the partially decomposed body of a cat wearing a gem-studded collar or of a dusty stone room with secrets under the floor. In addition, her novel leaves questions. Although The Cold Room tells a complete and satisfying tale, Filetti leaves just enough ambiguity to make her readers look forward to Book 2 of The Balancovat Series.

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Author: Carolyn Filetti lives in the hills of East Tennessee. She is best known for sharing amazing adventures with her seven children. Her husband tags along to make sure no one falls off the magic carpet or gets eaten by zombies. Her black cat, Poppy, couldn’t care less.

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