On caregivers, faith, family, and writing…

Published in the Rains County Leader on April 25, 2017:

Dining RoomSaturday morning was project time around our house. The first project was in the dining room and the second was in the bedroom – and Kitty was right in the middle of both of them.

The dining room task involved a new table and chairs, or new to us anyway. After David’s mother passed away, his sister inherited a good deal of her furniture. Sentiment only goes so far when it comes to decorating tastes, so she recently asked David if we would like to have the dining table and chairs. Since what we had was really too big for our dining area and didn’t match the built-in hutch very well, he said yes.

The problem is that a table, two leafs, and six chairs won’t fit in the back of a Grand Prix, so David began looking for alternatives. Since we can’t pull a trailer either, he checked on renting a van. After the sticker shock wore off, he asked our friend Kent if we could borrow his truck. Kent had another idea, and Friday the two of them left before dawn pulling a small enclosed trailer in case it rained. They planned to be back by 4:00, but I guess traffic was heavy because by the time they pulled into the driveway, they barely had time to unload the truck and make it to Home Group Bible Study.

The chairs had been placed at odd angles in odd places, the table legs that were wrapped in a quilt were piled next to the couch just inside the front door, and the table top was upside down in the middle of the living room. Kitty loved it! First, she sniffed every chair from top to bottom – then, she curled up on the table top in one of the corners where a leg would go and went to sleep.

The next morning, David put the table together – with Kitty’s help – and I helped set the Bedroomchairs in place. Then, I moved on to the bedroom where I had some new curtains to hang. While I ironed the creases out of the panels, Kitty hid among the trailing ends and jumped out to chase the cord of the iron from time to time. As I laid each panel out flat on the bed, she insisted on lying on each one. I sighed at the thought of her long black hair on the eggshell-colored fabric. David helped me mount the hardware, and the curtains were soon installed with no further incident.

I warmed up some leftover spaghetti from Home Group, and we enjoyed lunch on our new dining room furniture. I was cleaning up the kitchen – my last job before an afternoon of working on my latest book project – when I heard Kitty crying. I knew something was wrong, because she rarely makes a sound, so I went running. She was under the table, hanging by one paw, and struggling to get away. One of her claws was caught on something where the leg joins the table, and she couldn’t get it loose. I tried to help, but she let me know that my help was not appreciated. David arrived about the time she managed to work her claw free, and she took off for wherever she goes when she disappears.

All three of us spent the afternoon taking it easy. I worked on my computer, David provided a continuous line-up of movies for our viewing pleasure, and once she reappeared, Kitty slept. She didn’t seem to be suffering from any permanent damage, but she hovered close to one of us, lying first on my ottoman and then moving across the room to lie at David’s feet on the couch. She also napped for a while on a stack of folded quilts and moving blankets that were waiting to be moved back into the shed. The one thing she didn’t do was venture anywhere close to the dining table. I guess her designing days are over for a while.



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