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Cover A Sip of Death

About the book:

When a lifetime of grievances becomes unbearable, deadly consequences will follow. Revenge, secrets, and meticulously kept journals hold the key to solving the mystery of three unexplained deaths at Harrison University. Were these tragic deaths from natural consequences or is something more sinister lurking in the halls of HU? Dr. Bridget O’Leary, the new Provost at HU, doesn’t believe in coincidences. Although Bridget is tormented by the recent murder of her husband, she will have to put her personal pain aside and grapple with solving this puzzle before she becomes one of the victims.

While the HU campus is still dealing with the mysterious deaths of a student and two professors, an active shooter drill becomes an opportunity for attempted murder. Bridget realizes she will need to add a gun to her administrative toolbox as she works with Hazel Mars, a university police officer, Sam Adams, a city police detective, and Nathan Radford, a troubled student to find the person responsible for terrorizing the campus.

The Grievance Collectors: A Sip of Death is the first book in the series and although it is fiction, it may remind you of events and characters from your own university experience. Every university has its secrets.

My Review:

A Sip of Death by Karla Hull was an entertaining read and a good start to Hull’s venture into publishing. The characters were fairly well developed, and the plot was full of twists and surprises that kept me turning pages. That said, there were several issues that kept this from being a four-star offering. Because the plot was so intricate, the transitions from one thread to the other were not always smooth and were hard to follow. In addition, some sub-plots were introduced and then just disappeared. There were time jumps and point-of-view shifts that were a bit disconcerting, and some of the references to southern culture seemed a bit contrived and didn’t always ring true. Still, the story and writing are strong, and the issues I mentioned could be ironed out with the help of a good developmental editor. I did enjoy the book and would recommend it to mystery fans who don’t demand perfection. I look forward to reading more of Hull’s work in the future.

Author Headshot

About the Author:

Karla Hull is a mystery writer, professor, mother, and avid consumer of mysteries in books and film. She has spent 30 years working with students and faculty in a variety of university settings and incorporates humorous, poignant, and terrifying experiences into her mysteries.

After being an administrator at a university that experienced the murder of a young student, Karla vowed to write a complex mystery series that revealed some of the shadier sides of university life. Her characters operate in a university setting but they have the universal characteristics of greed, anger, revenge, and love that will resonate with with all mystery readers.

Find the author:

Twitter: @karlamhull
Blog: http://www.karlamhull.com

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